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StandPoint Finance launches their New Spanish Desk

The move by Standpoint Finance to add a Spanish desk to its existing customer experience desk reveals the company’s strategy to surpass traders’ expectations regarding support and account management.

Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 20 September, 2021

Standpoint Finance, a broker renowned for its revolutionary advanced social platform that enables investors to trade easily and smartly, has unveiled a new desk dedicated to Spanish-speaking traders. The move is one of its recent strides to provide an unmatched support experience to its increasing and expanding customer base. Per the company’s recent strides, it is only a matter of time before it becomes the most sought-after advisory and trading platform.

The newly-launched Spanish desk comprises 50 professionals, comprising of both customer support experts and account managers. Before the launch, the company had ensured these professionals undergo appropriate training to prepare them for the task ahead. As has always been the culture of the company, employees are trained to deliver the best services to customers. It is believed that even qualified support personnel and account managers need customised role-based training.

To enable traders to fully harness the features and benefits Standpoint Finance’s platform offers, the company has announced that all its customer support desks, including the Spanish desk, will be operating 24 hours daily. Customers globally can now trade and expect to have their issues handled in a timely manner not minding their time zones. The company intends to remain traders’ favourite with its recent customer-centric initiatives, one that has sent a strong signal to other top brokers of a more tense competition going forward.

“Our mission is to provide an authentic customer experience through a transparent and customer-oriented model. If you want to have a profitable trading experience, contact us. It would, without a doubt, be the best decision you’ve ever made”, said Javier D., Head of the Spanish Desk. He further stated that the trading experience is irrespective of the level ad background of the traders. The company, aside from catering for the language needs of customers, provides personalised trading for experienced and debutant investors.

Standpoint Finance establishes itself as a go-to platform for advanced trading tools like charts and graphs to help improve the overall trading experience of customers. The company now offers different investment options to traders, ranging from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to Gold, Oil, and top stocks. Traders can choose from a variety of account options that suit their requirements. These options include Platinum, Gold, Silver, Basic, and Explorer.

As expected of a leading player in the brokerage business, the company provides a secure trading platform. That is very important, especially as security tops traders’ chart of considerations when selecting a broker. One would expect traders to opt for a platform that would not expose them to unnecessary financial risk, amidst an increasing crime rate on the internet. According to a review on one of the top review sites online, Standpoint Finance has different security features implemented.

Apart from the compulsory KYC requirements, the company ensures a record of traders’ actions is recorded. Also, the trading platform has SSL encryption. Other features that make Standpoint Finance trading platforms stand out include AI recommendations on trading, webinars, earnings protection, intuitiveness, cross-platform trading, weekly market reviews, one-on-one sessions, and more.

For customers to trade on the platform, they need to sign up. The process is fast and seamless, requiring no special skills. Traders are required to provide just the information needed to satisfy KYC requirements. Customers’ information is protected by a standard privacy policy, so no cause for alarm regarding information breaches.