Stake XTAL-BUSD LPs and earn $XTAL on Apeswap.

Thailand, 13th Feb 2023 – $XTAL, the fundamental currency of the Xtalnia ecosystem, now has its staking plan on Apeswap. Xtalnia is a multiplayer strategy game with a free-to-play, play-and-earn blockchain game. Its initial decentralized exchange offering sold out in under six minutes. Not all blockchain games can strike the necessary balance between compelling gameplay and the Web3 ecosystem. Xtalnia uses an innovative weapon system, multiple game modes, character and party customization, and an NFT marketplace. Xtalnia lets players choose parties of three, allowing non fungible token (NFT) weapons in the game and promoting a healthy demand for the game’s NFT marketplace and tokenomics. Xtalnia is developed by Bot and Life Co.,ltd, a mobile game studio in Thailand that successfully developed multiple mobile games.

$XTAL though is hard to earn in-game and only occasionally given through special events. XTAL is needed for crafting weapons, and the token will be rarely distributed in the first edition of the game. XTAL has been audited by Hashex. It has a well-managed supply and a vesting schedule to ensure the price’s stability. Players can earn XTAL only from PvP seasonal rewards given to top finishers. Higher-ranking players will receive more XTAL than lower-ranking players.

Stake XTAL-BUSD LPs, earn $XTAL on Apeswap: Treasury Bill is also coming soon

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