St Louis MO Foundation Wall Waterproofing Expert Basement Crack Repair Update

The updated drainage waterproofing service employs Water Trek Aqua Route, a patented basement drainage system that retains footing integrity while deploying a sub-floor system that removes water thrice as quickly as conventional systems.

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With this update, Drainage Team provides basement flooding prevention solutions that have been installed in over one million basements nationwide. The basement waterproofing service comes with a lifetime warranty and high-quality components, making it a cost-effective solution.

Waterproofing a basement is frequently not included in the construction of most buildings. Modern basement waterproofing solutions are far superior to conventional approaches, and entrusting the task to a company that specializes in basement waterproofing will almost always result in better waterproofing results.

Interested parties can schedule a consultation through the Drainage Team’s website, which will allow professionals to assess the nature of the client’s needs and recommend a workable solution. During the initial consultation, the company’s waterproofing experts visit the client’s property to perform an interior basement or crawl space inspection.

Following the initial consultation and inspection, the team gives recommendations for interior drainage systems and methods for controlling exterior water that might contribute to basement flooding. Drainage Team believes that both exterior and interior water must be regulated simultaneously, with the latter taking precedence.

Some of the solutions the company offers include basement perimeter systems, footing drainage systems, concrete foundation wall waterproofing, cinder block waterproofing, exterior downspout piping, and more. Drainage Team completes most waterproofing projects in 1-4 days.

About Drainage Team

Drainage Team specializes in residential, commercial, and municipal drainage, erosion, stormwater basins, and waterproofing. The company has decades of industry experience in the design and installation of basement waterproofing systems employs the latest technology to ensure that each project is efficiently planned, scheduled, managed, and documented.

A satisfied client said: “We had a large job completed at our home by the Drainage Team, and we couldn’t be happier. They are transparent and fair in their pricing, and they produce good results. The workers on the job explain what they’re doing, are thorough in their work, and clean up after each job each day.”

Interested parties can find more information about the updated drainage waterproofing service by visiting

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