Sralla Family Law PLLC, a San Antonio Divorce Lawyer, Advocates for Clients’ Rights in Courtrooms, Mediation, or Settlement.

San Antonio, TX – When contemplating the possibility of ending a marriage, Sralla Family Law PLLC emphasizes the importance of fully comprehending the profound impact that such a decision can have on both individuals involved, regardless of the duration of their union. Understanding the financial implications of a family law divorce is essential, ranging from engaging the services of a skilled attorney to navigating the complexities of acquiring new housing, purchasing furniture, or even relocating to a different city or state.

The experienced Divorce lawyers at Sralla Family Law PLLC also emphasize the significance of effectively managing family law custody arrangements for couples with minor children or pets. This aspect of divorce can introduce new challenges and potential conflicts, such as navigating holiday visitation schedules, social occasions, determining primary custody, addressing schooling matters, managing extended family relationships, and addressing legal custody and child support considerations.

No matter the reason behind the decision to end a marriage, Attorney Kevin Sralla advises clients to stay focused during divorce and find ways of restarting life or moving forward. He and his team provide clients with large-firm representation with the comfort and attention of a small firm, thanks to their vast network of resources. The team prioritizes helping clients achieve their legal goals and work toward viable solutions by assessing cases to determine realistic possibilities and maintaining open lines of communication for constant case updates.

Couples can file for an uncontested divorce, where parties can resolve all issues like property division, child support/visitation, debts, and more. In a contested divorce, parties can’t agree on some or all matters presented during litigation, leading to a court trial where witnesses give testimony and attorneys offer evidence/arguments for a judge/jury to consider before issuing a verdict/ruling. An at-fault divorce is distinguishable by an allegation from one of the parties accusing the other of causing the breakup due to spousal abuse, theft, adultery, neglect, or more.

The issues presented by a no-fault divorce can be contested or uncontested. Since neither party can be at fault for causing the marriage breakup, they seek a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Property and debt are usually divided roughly 50/50 between parties unless one party requests and is granted a disproportionate distribution of the marital estate. Any divorce is a child custody and support battle which allows parties or a court to decide matters that best interest the children. The San Antonio divorce lawyer explains joint and sole managing/possessory conservatorship, modifications, guidelines for child support, grandparents’ rights, guardianships, restraining orders, and more.

Attorney Kevin Sralla focuses on meeting his clients’ diverse needs concerning divorce, child support/custody, annulment, adoptions, and modifications. When offering legal guidance/representation, he follows the principles of honesty, loyalty, and integrity, enabling him to achieve favorable legal and ethical results. Since starting Sralla Family Law PLLC in 2006, Mr. Sralla has been a member of the San Antonio Bar Association, giving him in-depth insight into the law and an extensive network of like-minded peers. Visit the firm’s website to learn more, or call (210) 212-5656 for a case evaluation. The firm is at 542 E Highland Blvd, San Antonio, Texas, 78210-3560, USA.

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