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Spit Fyre, Bronx’s Rising Star Gives Insight about his Journey

Growing up in the musically vibrant city of New York, the 9-year-old artist learned a great deal about the Music industry. Michael Odom who is now famously known as Spit Fyre was inspired by his oldest brother. “I would watch him make cassette tapes in the house, and Take it to the Radio station back in 1998. it was a big Deal to me and gave me the motivation to make music.” He added, ” I grew up in the early 2000s so the artist who were my motivation were ‘Dipset’, ‘Lil Wayne’, and ‘50 Cent’. As I got older I got more in tune with ‘Nas’, ‘Jay Z’, ‘Dmx’, and ‘Tupac’.” It was always a passion in him that magnified after watching other artists.

His Music career was quite erratic before 2014 in which Spit Fyre gave his first-ever uplifting song ‘Pray for Lamar’. The Artist gave out a passionate performance in ‘Pray for Lamar’, that highly anticipated his career. “It was a tribute to my cousin the basketball player, Lamar Odom,” he mentioned. Soon he grabbed the attention of the Boxer “Zab Judah” which highly motivated him.

He then segued into the next hit “Justice for Junior” and since then he has been evolving himself as an artist as well as a professional in the music industry. His latest track, ‘Diary to Charlie’ garnered 50K+ views in a few short days.

In theory, Spit Fyre is exactly the kind of artist who the celebratory platform seems to be for. Fans, both new and old, always gravitate to his single audios and video naturally, due to its snappy sound.