Spiritual Guidance For Happiness: Law Of Attraction Community For Women Updated

The updated positivity program combines lessons from psychology, energetics, and quantum biofeedback, among other things, to help each member create significant changes in their physical and non-physical worlds. According to Riley, experiencing joy is a choice each person makes, and with the right guidance, it can be felt regardless of external circumstances.

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Riley updates her MORE JOY membership to include lessons on hopefulness, resiliency, and adaptability. The goal is to guide members to face their sorrows with grace and then decide to choose joy, despite their pain. Instead of feeling frustrated or hopeless, MORE JOY empowers people to be okay with their situations and find peace and comfort with whatever is happening in their lives.

Riley speaks from experience. The successful entrepreneur says that she had spent years building the “perfect” public image, only to still feel empty and lonely inside. When she was finally willing to make a change, the one thing that helped her was choosing more joy in her life. She explains that choosing happiness, above all things, has dramatically improved her mental health and overall well-being.

She created the MORE JOY membership to help more people around the world discover a happier and healthier life. The positivity community does not ask members to “control their emotions” or not feel what they are feeling right now. Instead, it asks individuals to speak their truths, feel whatever they need to feel at that moment, and then follow a simple system to feel love and happiness again.

In MORE JOY, members receive weekly online healings, weekly coaching, weekly “blessings”, or finding the state of bliss, and personal wishes and intentions. Members will also connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Riley writes, “I used to think that the only reason life was awesome sometimes was because it completely sucked other times but the techniques I learned allow me to still bust through the roof when things are good without losing days or weeks to the down-cycle.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://donnalynn.zoholandingpage.com/NYC/

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