Speciality Supplier Carnival Coffee Roasters Expand Wholesale Trade in SE London

Eco-friendly Carnival Coffee Roasters has expanded their wholesale coffee partnership offering by introducing a new range of hand-roasted sustainable coffee available daily and fresh to order, as well providing advice and expert barista training, and equipment rental for new & existing cafe owners looking to elevate their coffee products for customers.

To learn more about Carnival Coffee Roasters wholesale services, visit: https://carnivalcoffee.co.uk/pages/wholesale

With a focus on providing customers with quality coffee from sustainable sources, Carnival Coffee owners Juan and Jayne source their coffee from ethical sources and prioritise sustainability throughout their brand’s processes.

“We source coffee from our farm in Medellin and from reputable small-scale importers from all over the world,” said Jayne. “We care about the farmers and their families so it is important to us that they are paid well for their skills and that our trade is contributing to their sustainable development and education. All our coffee is classed as ‘speciality coffee’ which can be described as coffee scoring above 83 points and the top 5% arabica coffee in the world.”

Carnival Coffee Roasters provide a range of wholesale services to a variety of businesses across London and South East London. From local coffee shops, restaurants, event companies, offices and businesses, to luxury 5 star hotels like the Ritz.

In addition to their wide selection of organic speciality coffee beans, Carnival Coffee Roasters offer advice and expertise including barista training, equipment sourcing and set up, rental equipment, plus free weekly bike delivery on local orders. Their rental equipment includes a great range of La Marzocco and other coffee machines, with tailored rental solutions, including installation, water filters, grinders, free servicing, repairs and emergency call out. This makes them a one-stop shop for all things coffee.

“Our mission is to roast awesome speciality coffee that is full of flavour and wonder,” said Juan. “We want to share our love of these beautiful beans with you and for you to love what we do!”

The company continues to update its range of speciality coffee to meet the needs of clients in London and throughout the UK, and offer various subscription packages for consumers and businesses.

For more information about the company’s wholesale and subscription services, visit: https://carnivalcoffee.co.uk/

Carnival Coffee Roasters

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