Source Token ($SRCX) is Defying Odds in DeFi Despite Current Market Conditions

Tortola, British Virgin Islands — Despite the current bearish market cycle, new DeFi enthusiasts are emerging every day, as thousands begin to discover the financial freedoms and potential that this new technology has to offer. Early adopters and innovators are staking their claim on one of the fastest-growing and rewarding utility tokens to emerge in the space: Source Token (SRCX). Developed by the Source Protocol Ltd team, SRCX is a rewards-based global transaction network supported by automated liquidity capture mechanisms that ensure solvent growth with every transaction. In addition to its sustainable design, SRCX users benefit from earning automated DeFi rewards called “Echoes,” without having to participate in any complex DeFi processes themselves.

Fair-launched to the Binance Smart Chain early June of this year, and recently listed on top cryptocurrency listing site CoinMarketCap, SRCX has already garnered thousands of users and listed on 8 exchanges as the community continues to grow. Dual-reward incentives for SRCX users, solvent growth mechanisms, and a deflationary function that burns tokens with every transaction, are all built into the independently-audited smart contract behind SRCX’s brilliant architecture. These functions provide SRCX with a progressive system that supports itself and its users with perpetually increasing liquidity, a decreasing token supply and block-by-block network rewards populated automatically into user’s wallets. Combined, these features create a tremendously attractive value proposition for SRCX that outperforms its predecessors by every standard.

The Source Protocol team also has plans to integrate SRCX into Source Protocol’s peer-to-peer, non-custodial DeFi money market (Source One Market), where it can be supplied, borrowed and collateralized against. Not only does this increase utility for users, it also allows for more tokens to be removed from circulation as users supply it for collateral. This creates an additional deflationary economic factor. Source One Market is currently in full beta testing and will be deployed to the Binance Smart Chain in the coming months.

In addition to the above, SRCX’s deflationary mechanism can also be disabled at times of promotion. This temporarily re-routes tokens from being sent to the burn wallet (where they are removed from circulating supply) and sends them to all SRCX users instead, increasing reward distribution to the community. Disabling the burn function is done randomly so it cannot be gamed, and is designed to incentivise more rewards and attract more users.

As part of the developers’ vision and commitment to SRCX’s success, their focus will remain on adoption and acceptance of SRCX by the crypto community and enterprises alike, while retaining its role as the top sustainable DeFi reward token. In addition, the Source Protocol community will have access to a Source Members Rewards program that includes further incentives and benefits like exclusive access to Source NFT mints, Source partner discount programs, events, and more. The Source team will continue to list SRCX on an increasing number of high volume exchanges in the coming months. This will bring more awareness to the project globally.

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