Somerdale Multimedia Campaigns For Visibility & Google Ranking Service Launch

US Media Agency’s digital marketing team now provides an all-in-one digital market solution for businesses that want to improve their online visibility. It helps them by building a professional website, improving their search engine rankings, and increasing brand awareness about their businesses by launching targeted media campaigns.

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The New Jersey-based agency develops media campaigns so businesses can focus on a specific product, service, or area that they want to target to build awareness and authority.

Its media campaigns include an article, blog, video, presentation, audio ad, and infographic. US Media Agency works with business owners to develop the content, then it places the various digital assets on a large variety of established websites to help the businesses improve their online presence, promote their products and services, and establish themselves as industry experts.

The digital marketing team also provides video marketing to help businesses improve customer engagement and Google ranking.

“It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words,” said one company representative. “If that’s true, then how much is a video worth? People like watching videos and often prefer them to reading. But, it’s also more effective to have a prospect see and hear the message communicated in multi-media videos than simply to read a plain text.”

The firm notes that a webpage with a video is more able to rank on Google’s first page than one that doesn’t have a video. As such, US Media Agency helps businesses by developing and posting short, professionally developed YouTube videos that explain owners’ businesses so they can feature their services on one of the most-viewed internet sites.

Finally, US Media Agency notes that Google AdWords’ pay-per-click advertising can attract more visitors to a business owner’s site. Its team provides Google ad management, which includes analyzing the owners’ business services, conducting an in-depth keyword assessment, and developing a strong advertising campaign.

The agency develops the ad copy, ensures it has the proper keyword relevancy for the ad copy landing page, and then features the videos online.

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