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As part of its expanded offering, the company offers dormant pruning and trimming services, helping commercial property managers keep trees safer through the winter season.

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Following the announcement, Sunset Lawn & Landscape removes branches infected with fungi, bacteria, or decay from trees and shrubs at clients’ lawns to make room for the growth of new ones and keep them healthy and safe heading into the spring.

Sunset Lawn & Landscape’s trimming and pruning service involves thinning out dead, diseased, and overgrown branches and dormant pruning from trees and shrubs using secateurs, loppers, and shears. By doing so, it makes it easier for trees and shrubs to get the moisture, nutrients, and sunlight they need to maintain their shape and appearance. The process also reduces the chance of unruly growth, which poses a risk to both property and bystanders.

Sunset Lawn & Landscape recommends that clients take advantage of their dormant pruning and trimming services in the winter when trees and shrubs are not threatened by bug and disease infestation. Getting it done in the winter also minimizes damage to lawns, edging, and flower beds, as the ground is usually frozen solid. That being said, the services can also be utilized in the warmer months as an upkeep and maintenance measure.

In addition to trimming and dormant pruning, Sunset Lawn & Landscape also offers landscape bed and hard surface pre- and post-emergent weed control, mulching, mowing, flowerbed maintenance, irrigation, and seasonal color design. Depending on the season, the team also performs turf, tree, and shrub applications as part of its comprehensive fertilization and horticultural services designed to restore health and improve appearance.

Sunset Lawn & Landscape also offers exterior facility management such as drainage solutions, landscape design, pressure washing, window cleaning, concrete and asphalt pouring, and solar panel installation. Commercial clients in the area can also contact the team for snow removal during the winter, which encompasses plowing, shoveling, ice management, and snow relocation.

Sunset Lawn & Landscape is a fully licensed and registered property management company, employing staff that is certified and extensively trained in all the latest practices, products, and tools. They provide no-cost estimates as well as complimentary follow-up service calls for all customers.

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