Some Ways You Can Use To Collaborate With Your Remote Team Effectively

Remote work has become a way of life since this pandemic has started. Due to advanced technology, it has become possible to continue work from home without any hassles.

Collaboration with our team members while working from home is very important to keep track of the assignments and to make sure the tasks don’t get delayed. Though, work from home keeps all our team members separated from each other, there are certain ways through which we can make the collaboration effective such that the work doesn’t get hamper.

Just have a look at the following means through which one can make remote work collaboration much more effective.

Get a online meeting software

Online meetings are a must when everyone is working remotely. There are a number of different online meeting tools available that you can use. As per your requirement, you can opt for the free version or get a paid version of the online meeting software. Most of the features provided by the different video meeting softwares are the same, you just need to check if everyone is comfortable with the tool and it doesn’t have any issues.

Time tracking and productivity monitoring tools

One major concern that business owners and managers have while working remotely is whether the productivity of the team members will remain the same as that in the office or not. This is a prominent concern as the office environment and the work from home environment are completely different.

If you think that work from home might hamper the work schedule then you can use the time tracking and productivity monitoring tools. These are the tools which your employees need to install in their system and it will monitor the activity percentage that the respective person has performed in the day.

It will provide you a summary of the URLs that the person has browsed in a day, how many hours has been logged for the day and much more. These tools are really helpful in big companies where the strength of the employees is high.

It is a matter of self-discipline and dedication, if your employees are keen for their work then there is no need to worry and you won’t require these tools as they will complete the daily activities within their time frame and deadlines. Still, it is nothing bad to measure your employees productivity with such tools so go for them if you need them.

Collaborative whiteboard

In office premises, we do have a whiteboard where managers and key persons demonstrate different things by drawing diagrams, writing something, putting notes and what not. Working remotely, one can’t use a physical board but one can use the online whiteboards for sure. Online whiteboards are collaborative boards on which every member of the team can have an access to it and provide their inputs.

The interface of these boards is very easy to use. You can just drag and drop the different elements and create whatever you want. After finishing up your work, you can save and share it with your other team members as well.

Allow free working schedule

Instead of having a fix 9 to 5 timing, you can provide your team members a free schedule in the work from home environment. This will allow them some freedom where they can manage their home activities and job activities at their convenient time. Just ask them to be available when you have a group meeting and complete the assigned work before the deadline. That’s it and you will get the fruitful results.

So, here are the certain things you can take care of to make the remote work collaboration smooth, easy and effective and it will lead to great results for sure.