Solutions to reduce fatigue, anxiety, lack of focus during school year

Anxiety and brain fog

Milton, Delaware Sep 16, 2022 ( – School is back in session and most students are excited to be here! Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones during class and all the extracurricular activities offered on campus brings happiness to many. Once the excitement wears off and students get into a routine, some begin to deal with the fatigue and anxiety from a full schedule, studying, sports, tests, etc., and can’t focus on the tasks at hand.

Synergistic Health, offers support by providing resources and information to address the issues facing students in maintaining their energy, and focus and dealing with anxiety throughout the day.

One of the ways to fight fatigue is to boost your energy, safely. Unwind and relax by helping your mind quiet the chaos around you. Don’t let your personal life or future commitments make you feel overwhelmed. This is important in fighting fatigue, brain fog, and lack of focus. Feel awake and alert and support your body’s natural energy by replacing brain fog and mental exhaustion with clarity, focus, and a better understanding of how your body works, which can improve your health in those areas.

College is extremely different from high school and each year in college there is more pressure and the classes become more rigorous as you continue. With these stressful factors piled on top of each other, most students are just trying to survive their classes, which is even harder if the classes are several hours long. To maintain your sanity, it’s about time to learn how to survive long college classes.

“Our team has had tremendous success by offering education and resources that improve cognitive functions and assist with clearer thinking, better focus, and concentration which is so important for our college students who are in class, study halls, and workshops throughout the day, said owner Patti Scallan, of Synergistic Health. We want to be part of your daily routine and the solution to increasing clearer thinking, decreasing your anxiety, and assisting with your energy levels.

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Synergistic Health provides people with the necessary education and resources they need to live a more vibrant life. Synergistic Health is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and is confident of the impact you will experience working together. See how we can bring our health resources to you and make a difference in your life. Email Patti at [email protected] or call/text 1-302-897-5573 Check us out at Synergistic Health and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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