SolidProof Unveils New Website with Improved Customer Experience

Handewitt, Germany, 15th December 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SolidProof, a leading provider of smart contract audit, KYC, and marketing services, has recently unveiled its new website. The redesigned site offers various improved features, enabling customers to better manage the selection of their needs with SolidProof.

This milestone represents the latest step in the company’s growth journey. The team is working with multiple strategic partnerships to unlock new use cases and services continuously. 

With a mission to help customers navigate their digital transformation journey, SolidProof’s commitment is to provide the best customer experience.

A New Website for an Enhanced Set of Services

SolidProof’s new website provides a modern, easy-to-navigate interface with both light and dark mode options. With the new site, it’s easier than ever to ask for a personal quote for SolidProof’s multiple services. The platform’s catalog features smart contract audit, KYC, and marketing solutions.

Marketing services are the latest addition to the rich SolidProof ecosystem. The company offers packages such as “project awareness,” “press release worldwide package,” and many more.

The updated website also includes clearer step-by-step guides for each service. In this way, clients can easily understand the process and make informed decisions. Plus, everyone can view all services in their respective categories quickly and easily.

SolidProof believes that organizations should have access to reliable, secure, and customized solutions for their business needs. And with this new website design, getting the right services to match an organization’s needs has never been easier.

A Project Growing Through Multiple Strategic Partnerships

SolidProof Twitter account continuously shares information about new crypto partnerships. Each brings a unique solution that enriches the SolidProof platform and services.

Among these, it is possible to find announcements with companies such as:

  1. Crypto Miners: a marketing and educational firm working with some of the hottest blockchain projects and crypto on-ramp platforms
  2. Coination: a specialized AMA firm with a huge German community, tapping into untouched crypto interests
  3. CookieSale: a new crypto launchpad providing audit, KYC, and marketing services
  4. PeanutTrade: a DEX strategy firm helping web3 startups list tokens on decentralized exchanges
  5. Blockdeed: a global real estate marketplace using smart contracts for property transactions
  6. MusureWorld: an enabling platform for creators and gamers to enter the metaverse economy

These are only a few of the partnerships that SolidProof is actively pursuing. The company is growing its reach and support base in multiple directions, from marketing services to launchpad companies.

It’s no surprise that SolidProof is becoming one of the most trusted names in the blockchain and crypto space. With this strategy, SolidProof makes another step toward establishing itself as a go-to source for all things crypto.

About SolidProof

SolidProof is a German company working to become the go-to provider for all smart contract audit, KYC and marketing needs.

Their team of experts works hard to provide their customers with the most secure, compliant, and efficient services possible. SolidProof works hard to stay at the top of its game by forming innovative partnerships and working with cutting-edge technologies.

They strive to provide their customers with the best experience possible. This ensures that all of their services meet the highest quality and security standards.

With its new website, SolidProof has taken another giant leap forward in its mission to provide the ultimate customer experience. The project’s social media pages offer a great way to stay updated with their latest developments and partnerships.

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