Solar Panel & Battery Storage Installation For New Homes: Service Launched

Gradient Solar Systems now provides a complete service for new homeowners in Colton with their all-in-one home solar units and energy storage solutions.

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The services from the California-based company include an initial consultation to determine the scope of an installation before presenting a range of options for solar panels.

Installing solar panels onto a property provides several benefits for homeowners, such as making their home more energy efficient and boosting its overall value. Furthermore, getting the panels installed prior to moving in can reduce the disruption for residents, while also immediately reducing their energy bills.

As such, Gradient Solar Systems offers solar panels and battery storage units designed by the same company, allowing the system’s components to work harmoniously with one another. This creates a reliable and efficient means of both capturing and storing solar power, thus providing a stable source of energy throughout the year.

The company also offers a 25-year product and performance warranty for its panels, which guarantees that they will consistently provide 92% of their original performance 25 years after installation.

Gradient Solar Systems’ team of experts understands that every homeowner has their own unique budget and requirements. To address this, they have several pricing structures, as well as offering guidance on any relevant government incentives that may be applicable.

Based in Colton, California, the company provides solar installation services to new homeowners throughout San Bernardino County, including Fontana, Highgrove, Loma Linda, Bloomington, and Rialto.

Homeowners can learn more about Gradient Solar Systems’ solar panels on the company’s website, where they can also arrange a consultation with one of the firm’s installation advisors.

A spokesperson for Gradient Solar Systems said, “We can outfit almost any home or business with solar to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills.”

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