Solar First Green Energy Makes Our Radar

Gurrumbilbara Country, Australia, 5th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Interest for sustainable power is soaring. The commodities have soared to multi-year highs as a result of the surge in demand that followed the pandemic and the two-way sanctions that were imposed on Russian oil and gas.

Earlier this year, Brent Crude reached a high of $140 per barrel, while natural gas prices soared up to 11 times higher than they were before the pandemic, despite recent declines.

Here are three solar energy companies on our radar in 2023 and the years to come:

First Solar, Inc.

First Solar’s shares have increased by a factor of two since the middle of July 2022, reaching $132, as the company anticipates significant benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act.

This is due to the fact that First Solar, in contrast to many of the leading solar energy companies, has not outsourced production to China, which may soon face import restrictions as a result of ongoing Sino-US regulatory issues and the possibility of using slave labor. Instead, its factories are in South-East Asia or the United States, where President Biden intends to provide substantial support for domestic manufacturing.

SolarEdge Technologies.

SolarEdge Technologies’ shares have increased by more than 1,000 percent over the past five years, largely as a result of the company’s patented intelligent inverter solution, which maximizes power generation at the level of each photovoltaic module while lowering the cost of system energy.

In addition, the business offers solutions for system monitoring, maintenance, and optimization, and provide a large number of products to thousands of solar installers all around the world.

Solar First Green Energy.

Solar First Green Energy are an Australian-based company at the forefront of the renewable and green tech market. With a brilliant track-record at providing safe and secure investment options for new and old investors alike, the firm has delivered in excess of $330 million of investment to create new Australian energy infrastructure.

Their newest project aims to generate low-carbon renewable electricity while providing major benefits to the local community. They look to install 200,000 solar panels on their land in Bilyana, Queensland, with investors flooding in from all over the world and 25% of that goal already achieved.

If you are looking to bolster your portfolios, we highly recommend considering solar energy. Finding the right solar energy solution can provide endless returns and provide long-lasting, successful endeavours at minimal risk.

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