Solanium – The decentralized platform based on Solana ecosystem looks quite impressive

There are hordes of features that make it all the more interesting for enthusiasts.

Blockchain technology has unleashed a whole new world, and many distinct projects at present are built on it. Solana is one of the most popular ecosystems backing numerous interesting projects, Solanium being one of them. It has been designed to introduce decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem. It comes across as a one-stop solution for Solana having its own set of wallet, DEX and transaction management system.

What makes it more exciting is that any wallet based on the Solana blockchain can be used to transact within Solanium as there is a provision to add external wallets to send, receive or manage token accounts and there’s no need to exit the platform to do any transactions. Those who are well versed in its workings can easily manage their wallets and make any transactional changes, which will be updated on the platform itself.

The platform also has its own token SLIM which are lockable for a maximum period of one year. Holders receive a xSLIM balance on locking the SLIM tokens, and the balance is based on the amount of tokens locked. The tokens cannot be unlocked before the expiry date, however, it is possible to extend the time lock or increase the amount of staked SLIM tokens. There are various privileges that token holders can avail like primary voting rights and exclusive or early pool access.

Solanium Pools are the primary function of this platform, as anyone holding a Solana wallet can create a pool to distribute an SPL token. Holders can set up their pool through an easy-to-use UI, and also create the SPL token. The powers to filter and feature pools lies with the Solanium team. Anyone can create a pool on the Solana blockchain and create their own UI. Each pool has a fixed percentage of fees that are diverted to the xSLIM token holders and to the Governance Treasury. xSLIM holders get first preference whenever public pools are allocated.