Soho, London Managed Workspaces With Meeting Rooms For Hybrid Working Announced

The popularity of the hybrid work model soared globally as a result of the pandemic. In the UK, statistics reveal 40 percent of companies report shifting to this model while 80 percent of employees say they’re satisfied with the arrangement. Hybrid companies searching for managed workspaces with meeting rooms and other required amenities in much sought-after Soho can now turn to commercial consultants DeVono for newly listed locations.

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While the terms ‘serviced office’ and ‘managed office’ are sometimes used interchangeably, there are key differences between the two. A serviced office is a flexible workspace fully equipped with furnishings and IT infrastructure, ideal for startups. Managed office spaces are purpose-built, giving tenant companies more control over their work environment. Companies eyeing a managed workspace in Soho for their hybrid workplace cultures can partner with a DeVono consultant for new options that can be branded and furnished as needed.

“A managed office space gives you a blank canvas that you can tailor to optimise productivity,” says a spokesperson for DeVono. “This is an ideal choice for companies that have shifted to a hybrid work model, and Soho is an ideal location for just about any organisation.”

Soho is home to a range of businesses in the arts, media, culture, and retail. It has also seen significant growth in corporations choosing to headquarter in the region, as well as finance, technology, and energy companies expanding into the region. A DeVono executive describes office space in Soho as a location that “connects you to the world’s most innovative industries.”

Companies choosing a managed workspace in Soho are generally looking for an environment they can furnish and brand to reflect their image, sector, and purpose without being tied down to long-term leasing contracts. And while managed office spaces offer companies their desired blank canvas, not all managed office spaces are appropriate for every company.

DeVono consultants work closely with their clients to clarify their needs so they can present the best workspace options. As an award-winning office rental agency, DeVono has cultivated business relationships with serviced, managed, flexible, and co-working spaces throughout the UK, and has to date connected such bluechip companies as Deloitte, Investec, Zoopla, and Red Bull with their ideal office space.

With newly announced managed workspace availability in desirable Soho, DeVono consultants can connect hybrid company objectives with customisable workspace environments that enable versatility and foster productivity.

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