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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Market Research Report 2021-2026: Best AI enabled SaaS tool to grow your business online

AZ, USA, 15 July 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, Are you looking to grow your business? Here are some of the best Saas tools that can help you with this goal. These tools will help you to manage and track leads, increase conversions, measure engagement rates and more! Consider these great options for the future of your business.

The first step towards success is understanding what resources are available. This article will discuss different SaaS tools that can assist in growing a business through various means. There are many companies on the market today that offer similar services but each one has its own unique features and benefits which might make it more suitable for certain businesses than others. 

1. Hubspot

HubSpot Marketing is a sophisticated solution that integrates all of your marketing efforts and assists your team in increasing traffic and conversions. You may utilize its drag-and-drop feature to create and modify stunning websites without involving your IT department. This will ensure that all pages are responsive regardless of the device your visitors are using. In a sense, you can use HTML to design attractive and highly tailored landing pages for your campaigns. You can also send both static and dynamic HTML messages to elicit the desired response. HubSpot Marketing will assist you with designing workflows as needed, prepare and format content for publication, and integrate data from other systems to ensure that all of your data is taken into account. It can help you develop and optimize engaging content, as well as disseminate it to the correct audiences after you’ve designed your website. With little to no coding knowledge, the system gives several SEO and social ideas to help you share content with the right influencers and audiences and generate traffic. The ability to build compelling calls-to-action and customize messaging to match the individual needs of your visitors is what makes it truly unique.

Furthermore, HubSpot is great for small/startup or mid-sized organizations to track sales data with various features for goals and customer data all in one easy-to-view window. It’s simple to set up companies and contacts, and there are a lot of fields to modify. Each customer’s file structure is simple to use and self-explanatory. Overall, the software isn’t overly complicated, and the majority of it is self-explanatory. The emailing system is a great way to ensure that you have a record of every discussion you have with a customer. 

Abby Drow

Co-founder | Head of Marketing

2. Contentfly

ContentFly is a platform that allows organizations to receive personalized blogs, social media posts, and other forms of written content for a fee of $250/month (standard).

This tool has made it much simpler to get written tasks done as it avoids the uncertainty associated with hiring a freelancer, and I’ve used it to great success on my travel blog. Its major advantages include: 

Access to top-class writers: With Contentfly’s rigorous screening procedures, organizations can rest assured that the content they order is high quality and top-notch. Their services include scanning their expansive pool of writers and choosing one that’s the best fit for your specific tasks. This helps organizations avoid wasting time and speeds up the process of acquiring the content that they need.

Content Genie: This tool also offers an idea-generating feature in case you’re all out of fresh ideas for content. Their Content Genie uses machine learning to analyze the industry you operate in and generates ideas accordingly.

Free revisions: If the content that is provided is not satisfactory, you can just send it back for a revision which is free of charge as any desired changes are not included in your monthly word count. To top it off, ContentFly also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee!

Kevin Mercier

Founder – Travel Blog 

3. Powerhouse

powerhouse by House Collective was built for Small Businesses and Home Improvement Pros. This ALL-IN-ONE sales and digital marketing platform keeps conversations organized so you can close deals faster and deliver quality service. Also used to capture and nurture leads, Powerhouse puts you in control of implementing simple, automated marketing campaigns that create big impact and connect you with customers in meaningful ways. 

Communicate and Organize: The CONNECT plan, which starts at $297/mo gives you access to one, universal inbox so you can email, two-way text, read and respond to Facebook Messenger, Google My Business Messenger and Web Chat messages in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, you’ll be able to manage your online reputation and track customers and conversations through every stage with your built-in CRM.

Capture Leads and Launch Campaigns: The CONVERT and CULTIVATE plans start at $597/mo and include branded tools that help collect information from visitors to your website through chat, forms and surveys and helps increase your website engagement through quizzes, calculators and estimators. Plus, you’ll get access to powerful campaigns so you can resell to your customers, reactivate your old lists, and nurture opportunities.

Powerhouse is at the core of House Collective’s Brand Building + Lead Generation strategies that helped grow a Solar business from a local, private company to a premier, multi state, whole-home energy solutions company. Start your 14 day free trial today.

House Collective is a female-led Digital Marketing Agency that helps conscious brands in Social Impact + Sustainability through done-for-you brand building, digital advertising, and built-for-you automations.

Submitted by

Sarah S. Yasukochi

Founder, Brand Builder + Marketing Strategist

4. Design Wizard

Design Wizard – Design just got easy! You can create impressive videos and image designs in minutes with this easy-to-use design tool. The free features allow you to resize your designs, upload your fonts, photos and logos and create custom color palettes. Its library holds over one million premium images and thousands of high quality videos, illustrations and graphics. Every video and image has also been licensed for commercial use.

 The Pro plan, which starts at $9.99 per month, gives you 60 image design downloads, image uploads, font uploads, free previews and 1GB storage. The Business plan, beginning at $49.99 per month, gives you unlimited standard video downloads, 1 premium video per month, unlimited image design downloads, video uploads, add text and images to video and 10GB storage.

Design Wizard also has a free stock photo and video website attached – PikWizard. What makes PikWizard stand out is you can take each image and video and edit on graphic design software, Design Wizard. And the images of people are also great! There’s no attribution required – meaning you can use image and video as you please.

There are currently over 1 million stock images and videos on PikWizard. You will also find Adobe and Shutterstock sponsored images and videos on the website – however these are clearly labelled when you hover over the image or video with your mouse”

5. Freshbooks 

FreshBooks is a cloud-based finance and accounting software that has won numerous awards. It is one of the top cloud options for small business owners. Enterprises widely use it to streamline customer invoicing and time monitoring. The program was created with small and growing businesses in mind. It comes with a comprehensive set of available capabilities in a variety of flexible, SMB-friendly pricing plans. In reality, freelancers who wish to improve their sales cycle and collection can use the software without difficulty. This allows users to personalize the branding of their financial documents by changing the design, colors, and logo to make them appear more professional. It’s a dependable and quick accounting package that makes otherwise complex financial management pleasurable. Because the software does not require accounting knowledge, creating professional-looking invoices may be done quickly. It saves you time by automating chores like customer follow-up, time tracking, and expense management. Meanwhile, its online payment options enable you to receive payments more quickly. A wide range of third-party apps is smoothly integrated with the program.

And it’s only getting better! The company is currently introducing an entirely new version of its product and inviting all existing FreshBooks users to upgrade. The new FreshBooks will be more modern, easier to use, and fully equipped with the collaboration capabilities required for faster and more effective delivery. Users will also benefit from a more friendly and entirely new layout, with invoices that are even more customizable and equipped with comprehensive tracking capabilities. FreshBooks’ time tracking has also been substantially revamped, making it even better at prioritizing work for you and providing complete transparency for each operation. The better search filter, invoice dialogues, and multi-currency expenses are additional features of the new edition. 


We hope this has been helpful in your search for the best saas tools. If you’re still not sure which one to use, let us know what you’ve tried and see if we can help narrow down the list!

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