Software Accessibility Testers Announce Braille Devices For Diverse Workforce

As a leader in workplace diversity and equity, the software testing company has made accessibility a core tenant of their business by investing in neurodiverse and disabled team members. The addition of these new braille displays to the Iterators testing team will grant visually impaired employees greater access and input to the company’s digital assets and projects.

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Braille devices allow visually impaired individuals to easily access and read electronic documents, websites, and even code. These devices transcribe digital spaces through refreshable braille displays, raising and lowering dots to form braille characters that can be read by touch. Though these devices can be costly, Iterators is adamant that the diverse perspectives and skills that such accommodations now bring to their testing process are well worth the expense.

As more and more work enters the digital domain, the unique perspectives and insights of the visually impaired have been increasingly excluded. According to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), unemployment rates peaked at over 60% in the past decade, nearly tripling the unemployment rate of those without any disability.

Iterators sees this lack of workplace diversity not only as a failure to support vulnerable populations but as a major impediment to quality work. As a software testing company, they maintain that their core tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion have been indispensable in establishing the quality of service upon which clients like the Library of Congress have come to depend.

Especially when testing and implementing accessibility features, Iterators prioritizes the direct involvement of individuals who benefit from such features. This kind of representation in the testing process can make the difference between a clumsily designed feature, and one that truly ensures equitable access to information and services.

Iterators is confident that the acquisition of new braille devices will be equally beneficial to their visually impaired employees and to the overall testing process, as they continue to credit their rigorous testing standards to the diverse perspectives and experience brought to the table by employees of all backgrounds and abilities.

A spokesperson for the company shared their dream of building a more equitable world “by ensuring that all individuals, regardless of disability, can access their Information Communication Technology.”

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