Snoop Dogg promotes NFT culture

Snoop Dogg promotes NFT culture

Los Angeles, California, USA — Snoop Dogg is one of the brightest names in the world of NFT. The rapper actively popularizes the NFT culture. We will tell you about some partner projects of the artist, which are somehow connected with NFT, meta universes and cryptocurrency.

Partnership with Gala Games

Snoop Dogg’s partnership with Gala Games has resulted in several NFT products. For example, one of the rapper’s albums, Back on Death Row, is presented as an NFT on Gala Music. The rapper has released his own Snoop’s Stash Box, which includes one track from the artist’s album, exclusive drops, tickets to the artist’s concert and more.

Snoop Dogg has also launched 3 new items in the Town Star store: the Epic Stylin Ride, the Gala Turntable and the Legendary Stylin Ride. Not only are these items to symbolize the Gala Music launch celebration, they also provide passive benefits in the Town Star game. Maybe the NFT world is a little bit harder to understand than classic cryptocurrency moves like exchanging eth to bnb, but still interesting, isn’t it? Keep going!

Plot in The Sandbox

Rapper Snoop Dogg has bought large tracts of land in the meta universe The Sandbox. The musician plans to build his own mansion and amusement park on the plot. Fans and the performer himself have already called this creation the Snoopverse. In his Twitter, the rapper actively advertises the residence and calls fans to the auction. The official account @TheSandboxGame also confirmed information about the auction, tickets can be purchased on the marketplace.

The rapper’s virtual holdings in the metaconset consist of 122 regular plots, 67 premium plots and 3 properties. Users who buy early access will be the first guests of the Snoopverse world. There you can visit various tasks in the PlayToEarn games and for that receive special tokens NFT and SAND. And then you can convert crypto into any coins or fiat. The musician will hold concerts here and open an art gallery. The rapper is also selling tickets to a private party.

NFT label Death Row Records

Rapper Snoop Dogg has revealed that the record label he bought, Death Row Records, will become an “NFT label” and the signed artists will be involved within the meta universe.

The information emerged during a conversation between the artist and fans on the social network Clubhouse, where Snoop Dogg shared the prospects of his new project. Part of the rapper’s fans notes the symbolism of such a launch because it was on Death Row Snoop Dogg once began his career along with hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre.

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