Sneaker Heads want to be the world’s known fashion parade and make it a unique digital experience

Tech and fashion do not share much in common at first sight. Historically, both industries have stayed on opposite ends of the spectrum. From hypothetical to reality, the metaverse, a living, breathing virtual world where people can interact with other users, is now being touted as the future of the internet. As the trading volume of NFTs hits $22 billion near the end of the year, another new type of NFT is being added to the list: shoes.

Sneaker Head represents the synergy between the world of fashion and digital ownership. While buying, one owns a digital collectible and also gains access to the forefront of the evolution in the metaverse. They took more than two months to develop each of the Sneaker Heads to make them look as best as possible. They want to create exclusive collections with famous clothing brands reserved for Sneaker Head holders. The blockchain brings the decentralization and community around the new digital initiatives, their leading vision. They decided to split the revenue earned with the fashion industry with their community and core holders. The money earned is to be given to the holders. Their main goal was to go beyond everything made so far and provide a fashion look through detail and fabrics. Sneaker Head is composed of 8,888 NFTs crafted by talented experts. After the character’s reveal, one will know which character, ethnicity, and clothing style one successfully minted.

Sneaker Head has unified the most remarkable people in the industry to provide a cutting-edge product. They have spent considerable time with their cyber security experts to secure the scams. Their main aim is to be pioneers of luxury fashion brands worldwide to showcase their collection with their 3D model.