SMS Marketing Real Estate: Transparent and Effective Strategy

Whoever communicates well, always ends up succeeding.

SMS Marketing Real Estate is an undervalued recruitment strategy in this sector. Do you think SMS Marketing strategies for the real estate sector are limited? Well, it will be surprising to know that it is one of the star channels for some franchises and agencies with several offices.

Thanks to its very specific characteristics, SMS Marketing is capable of achieving better results than other disciplines.

The 3 benefits of SMS marketing for the real estate sector are:

1.- Higher opening rates. Almost 98% of users open the SMS messages they receive. Not only that. Its effectiveness is such that around 90% of receivers open them as soon as they receive it on their smartphones.

2.- Save with SMS Marketing. SMS marketing is one of the cheapest channels compared to other broadcast platforms. Few tools will give you the option to reach such a large audience. SMS Marketing strategies for the real estate sector are, therefore, one of the paths to explore.

3.- Its immediacy. In a matter of a few seconds, the SMS will allow you to reach the mailboxes of the mobile phones of all your users. Quick and easy, two features that no one can resist.

It is clear that the 3 of the best practices in SMS Marketing strategies for the real estate sector are: send house promotions; reminders for visits and notices of new homes.

Nowadays, there are so many channels to transmit information that it is a bit difficult to keep just one.

The real estate sector, despite its enviable stability, changes trends periodically as the target audience changes.

It is essential that real estate agency like Tajarat properties in Cerdanyola del Valles, or in any other part, know how to adapt their needs to the current times, which creates the need to take into consideration the real estate SMS Marketing.

Yes, digital channels are immensely powerful and varied. However, it is possible to count on the fingers of one hand the strongest social networks of all: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Each one has different attributes that allow companies to reach their audience in a specific way. Of course, there are other options that the public can decide or not to use, such as LinkedIn (with a more formal audience) or Pinterest, focused 100% on the visual.

This is where we need to precisely identify where our audience is. If we are part of a real estate agency, our main interest will be to get prospects to close purchase, sale, rental and all kinds of procedures related to this world. The SMS for real estate companies is one of the best means to reach your target audience.

But segmenting an audience isn’t always straightforward. Naturally, digital tools give us a huge advantage with intuitive functionalities that serve to accomplish this task. However, when things don’t go the way we expect, there will always be a foolproof option ready to go texting.

SMS Marketing strategies for the real estate sector have to be attractive to clients. Many people think that because they are not from the entertainment sector they do not have to work on the design of their campaigns. However, like all companies, they have to learn to generate interest in their audience.

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SMS Marketing Real Estate. A Tactic to Prevail the Competition.

We all know what a text message is. In the first decade of the 2000s, SMS was the “boom” in mobile phones. Of course, social networks, powered by the internet, have gained greater relevance, which is why they have finally managed to defeat this “old-fashioned” method in popularity.

To compete in real estate, we must go one step beyond what we have in mind. We already know that techniques such as home staging, presence in social networks and even email marketing, have been standardized today as one of the preferred strategies in real estate advertising.

However, if we think about the digital aspect of online tools, it is possible to find a certain saturation in the market. In practice, strategies such as inbound marketing work quite well, but we must always think about the needs of our audience to know if we are successfully transmitting a message.

Let us now discuss how to use SMS for Real Estate and the potential it has.

Everybody has a cell phone. In today’s society, a tacit agreement has been created where the mobile phone has become a basic tool.

Sure, it is possible to decide not to have certain social networks, but one way or another, it will always be necessary to be connected.

It is already clear that almost 100% of the people who could become our clients have a cell phone. Then comes the next step: send them an email, show them ads on their social networks, and create useful content that works like a gigantic magnet.

But there is a problem: your competition is already doing the same.

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This generates an information overload in the channels of the people you are trying to capture. Every time they enter Facebook, an ad for another real estate (or another project) appears.

Whenever they open their email, they find their email inbox full to the brim. Every moment they look for real estate advice on a search engine, they are faced with hundreds of options to decide which one to choose.

Precisely for this reason, the approach to take must be different. SMS real estate marketing is different, efficient and, as strange as it may seem, it is also very fresh.

What exactly is Real Estate SMS Marketing?

Having said the above, it is essential to consider that to be successful in our real estate project, we must draw up a strategy according to the objectives that we set ourselves. Remember that a real estate agency specialized in selling luxury properties is not the same as an agency whose approach is more familiar and closer.

Each agency has its individual essence that must be known precisely to know what it can offer. It is here where the value proposition of the agency where we work is created, a proposal that lays the foundations of what the building we want to build will be.

This does not mean that we should not try to have a presence on the most popular channels. In fact, a company that does not have a digital presence is destined to fail no matter in what field it develops. This was very different a few years ago, and maybe new things will come in the future, but it’s all about adapting as best we can.

Uses of the Massive SMS in Real Estate. Immediacy, precision, results.

As we mentioned before, receiving a different email is now the bread and butter. Promotions of cinemas, clothing stores, courses, cars and real estate invade our inbox every day. This causes that for email marketing, the opening rate of an email is around 20%.

The percentage of open text messages is above 90%. Right off the bat, this figure may seem stratospheric, but we all know that receiving a text message today is much less common than receiving another type of notification.

SMS Real Estate Marketing, SMS Marketing for Real Estate, SMS for Real Estate Companies, Real Estate SMS, Real Estate Text Messages

Inevitably, this generates a level of curiosity that our potential clients are not used to. Text messages have character limitations, so the information transmitted must be very accurate. This goes hand in hand with the modern lifestyle, which is fast-paced, immediate, and highly demanding.

It is necessary to clarify that there are certain compliance regulations in order to apply a real estate SMS Marketing strategy. These regulations vary from country to country, but it is precisely for this reason that SMS real estate marketing is a transparent, honest and straightforward option.

By using an SMS marketing platform, it is possible to have detailed strategy metrics. Naturally, this can also be done with the different digital tools, with the only difference that in this type of process you can be sure that your message will be read.

Currently, the use of text messages for real estate promotions is not as standardized as we might hope. This creates an invaluable advantage over our competition, allowing us to deliver a different and very authentic value proposition.

How to apply SMS Real Estate Marketing.

A strategy of this style allows us to communicate with our clients in a personalized way. Through an SMS, we can send valuable information about properties, maintain constant contact between buyers and sellers, send reminders with offers and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what SMS real estate marketing can accomplish. It is possible to notify our clients when a property has already been sold or rented. We can also communicate payment procedures or transmit information related to reservations.

But this does not stop here. In fact, we can go much further. Many of the SMS Marketing tools are wonderful for segmenting our clients into different lists, which allows us to create a much more personalized approach.

Every contact matters. Keep in mind that every client you write to is an individual person just like you and me. Forget about thinking of your customers as one more number, that thought belongs to outdated and obsolete marketing ideas.

Believe it or not, personalizing a text message with the name of your contact adds much more value than we can expect. At the end of the day, the creativity we can implement is our only limit.

Real estate SMS marketing is synonymous with transparency and results.

The sum of the strategies that we implement in a real estate process will be the results that we will obtain methodically. We must not leave aside very useful strategies full of real value, such as real estate blogs, but we must not underestimate ideas that can give us a different perspective of the business.

Being connected with our clients provides us with professionalism and creates a special bond. SMS Marketing real estate is the door to a business model where information takes centre stage in a concise and unambiguous way.

The results of certain SMS Marketing campaigns have been phenomenal. If we take this premise and extrapolate it to the real estate sector, we will surely be able to offer great things.

Keep in mind that today’s world evolves by leaps and bounds. What was the norm a year ago may be obsolete in three months, and vice versa? The important thing is to know how to adapt to the moment to achieve the much-desired prevalence.

The market is more saturated every day, people are more exposed every day, the competition is more and more voracious.

The best way to overcome all these obstacles is by finding useful alternatives for both parties. That said, SMS real estate marketing represents a unique opportunity to reconnect with our clients at the same time that we achieve our objectives.

This strategy has a lot to offer and it won’t be long before your competition finds out. We know that you will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the potential of this wonderful channel.

We would appreciate it if you would leave us a comment about this article. Have you implemented any real estate SMS marketing strategy in blue world city Islamabad? Do you think that Social Networks for Realtors are a support or an obstacle? Your opinion interests us.

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