and Forge an Exciting New Partnership for Option Trading

Deptford, New Jersey Aug 9, 2023 ( – SmartOptionsClub, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) option trading strategies, is thrilled to announce its new collaborative partnership with, a renowned brokerage firm specializing in innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology. The new partnership provides traders with access to a range of advanced tools, real time analytics, along with valuable insights and recommendations, empowering them to maximize their trading potential and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market. By integrating Tradier’s cutting-edge brokerage services with SmartOptionsClub’s advanced machine learning techniques, traders will make faster, more accurate and informed decisions about their option trading investments.

The partnership underscores SmartOptionsClub’s long standing commitment to be a trusted and reliable resource for investors interested in option trading. SmartOptionsClub is not just technology. It’s a community and a learning platform with real time alert recommendations for those just beginning to trade as well as for seasoned pros who want to follow SmartOptionsClub’s lead. By sharing their vision of harnessing technology with Tradier, traders will be able to quickly make profitable investment decisions, track their performance in real-time, improve their understanding of the markets, and gain insights in option trading that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

With the new partnership, SmartOptionsClub’s members gain access to Tradier’s extensive range of brokerage services, including direct market access and real-time trading capabilities. These services enhance trading precision, allowing members to execute trades swiftly and make informed decisions in real-time using live market data. The collaboration also enables members to seamlessly manage their investments, portfolios, and orders, all from a single streamlined interface.

“This partnership is a significant milestone for SmartOptionsClub as it bolsters our commitment to offering the best option trading experience to our members” said founder and CEO of SmartOptionsClub, Jowong Pitts. “We are extremely excited to forge this new partnership with Tradier Brokerage. By combining the advanced technology of Tradier with our comprehensive option trading strategies, we are empowering traders with an unparalleled set of tools and services to succeed in today’s dynamic market. As we cater to the needs of both novice and experienced traders alike, we can provide access to the same advanced technology and information that larger trading firms have used for years. Our members are now able to quickly identify profitable opportunities and capitalize on them with confidence. Our commitment to offering the best option trading experience remains unwavering, as we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver exceptional value to our members.”

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