Sleep Debt Reversal & Productivity Tracking For Peak Potential | App Update

The company’s eponymous app, RISE, now makes it easier for users to monitor and optimize their sleep patterns and reap the advantages of a well-rested body – higher levels of alertness, increased energy, and boosted productivity.

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By combining data from the user’s phone with Rise Science’s own predictive modeling systems, the updated RISE app learns the customer’s unique sleep biology – and the timing of their daily energy peaks and dips. Personalized notifications and suggestions are based on the one all-important metric of sleep debt – a single number that can help users prioritize their sleep and schedule it accordingly.

The CDC says that sleep deprivation and associated issues impact over one-third of Americans, while almost three-quarters of individuals report getting inadequate sleep at least periodically. The problem, according to experts, is that sleep debt is not merely accumulative – it is compounding or has a snowballing effect.

For example, it can take up to a week to recover from two hours of ‘lost’ sleep, while the accumulated sleep debt slows the brain’s cognition and the body’s motor skills: ten days of six hours per night – for most people, as there are individual variations – will render that person functionally drunk.

The RISE app obviates the need for many of the sleep hygiene ‘accessories’ on the market today – such as weighted blankets, better pillows, and orthopedic mattresses. Rise Science, co-founded and led by two specialists and authors in the field of sleep technology, focuses rather on user behavior and the activities undertaken throughout the day that can either hinder or promote better sleep.

With the use of the customer’s data and the application of sleep research, RISE makes sleep measurement and tracking actionable – and personalized – in order to promote the user’s healthier sleep – adopting a behavioral, science-based approach to turning routines into lasting habits. Apple’s HealthKit is integrated with RISE, allowing for information gathering on phone movements and steps. Additionally, RISE collects information from user interactions with the app.

“Better sleep means more energy, productivity, and happiness,” said a company spokesperson. “At the end of the day, that’s what RISE enables – without the need for any gimmicks, supplements, or special sleepwear. It’s all based on the same scientific principles that our founders have taught at Fortune 500 companies and in the NFL.”

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