Sky Marketing explains Digital Marketing Strategies that applies to Real Estate

We can define digital marketing as all marketing or commercialization strategies brought to the online world; Belonging to digital media provides immediacy in each of the platforms or social networks that are being used, in the same way it helps to measure each of the applied strategies.

In this vein, we can say that traditional marketing strategies have been and must continue to adapt to the online world since digital channels have become essential for the human being.

Why are digital marketing strategies important in real estate?

In LATAM, searches for real estate for rent and sale are largely done online, and whoever does not adapt to the Internet as a means of exposure will be giving ground to the competition.

Investing in digital marketing will open the doors to reach more audiences, establishing your market and defining the interests, needs, behaviours and desires of the potential client, in order to segment the information and achieve the expected results.

The search for real estate is getting bigger, this year 2020 despite the fall in the economy, where there have been blockades by governments, the search for real estate has not stopped, 65.3% of the population of Mexico is looking to rent properties and 34.7% are still searching for properties for sale.

This indicates that the real estate sector Tajarat properties continues to be a healthy and profitable business, despite the health crisis, users can be seen in the search to satisfy a primary and basic need, such as housing.

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The demand for properties by users is still latent, which shows that it is the best time to implement an adequate and business-focused digital marketing plan, investing a budget in the planning of marketing strategies.

Two important characteristics of digital marketing in real estate are:

  1. Save of time and money. The digital exposure of the content reduces extraordinary expenses in traditional media such as TV, press, radio, among others.
  2. It is 100% measurable. By following up on the marketing strategies established and executed, the results are obtained, with which you can see how those strategies have influenced the market you are targeting.

Applying monitoring and tracking tools is an advantage to refine marketing strategies and improve future actions.

Types of digital marketing strategies for the real estate sector

The main strategy to start reaching more people (potential customers) is through inbound marketing, this strategy uses different intrusive techniques in order to:

  • Increase the number of visitors to the website.
  • Make those visitors become leads (potential customers): contacts with whom you can maintain a relationship in the medium / long term.
  • Marketing automation: process in which each lead receives information from the company so that they become customers.

The objective of inbound marketing is to attract the customer in a natural way, using friendly techniques so that it is the user who searches for the brand and not the other way around.

How does it work? through 5 processes.

1. Attraction of traffic.

We generate traffic through:

  • Marketing in social networks fosters a rapprochement with the customer, promoting real conversion.
  • Content marketing: using the exact search terms in which the real estate market moves, to target relevant content for the user.
  • SEO: allows you to climb in the search results, positioning the brand in the first results organically.
  • Public relations, events allow to strengthen ties with suppliers, clients and the media through communication, creating and maintaining a positive image of the company.
  • Paid ads: It is a strategy to attract users who have the intention of buying, with paid ads you can segment the public, by age, sex, demographic data. In the same way the ad format, if you want them to be videos, carousel ads or others.

2. Conversion

Once traffic has been generated to the web, the user who visits the real estate portal can become a lead (potential clients), if they are interested in the content of the portal and property publications, the user will leave their data so that they can be contacted.

This is where you should know the 4 tips to publish on a real estate portal and be more visible than your competitors. This will allow your publication to be more attractive and generate that conversion that you are looking for.

3. Marketing automation.

Once the database that you have obtained with those leads from potential clients has been generated, the content automation begins, relevant information that each client will receive about the offers, promotions or property listings that you have to offer.

4. Loyalty.

In this phase of inbound marketing, the post-sale process is worked, this customer follow-up generates brand ambassadors.

5. Analysis.

Digital marketing strategies are 100% measurable, measuring the results of your actions will allow you to improve them in the future, making a deeper segmentation of your target audience.


Every day more people are looking for properties from their mobile phone or their computer, investing in digital marketing with real estate portals such as Lamudi, which has managed to position itself among the benchmarks in the sector, is to have an advantage over competitors.

There are real estate companies that still do traditional advertisements, placing their advertisements in the press or handing out flyers, which represents a high expense in terms of advertising investment.

Isn’t it better to invest in digital marketing strategies, where you reach a greater number of people and the target audience? To advance in the real estate sector you have to adapt to new digital technologies.

So, with digital marketing strategies you will be able to:

  • Generate leads.
  • Immediacy of communication. Automatic follow-up and quick attention to your potential client.
  • Personalized attention. Buying behaviour changed and customers want attention. Enough of the generic communications!
  • Targeted Marketing. An advantage of digital marketing strategies is to be able to segment the public, decide who, when and how they can see the ads, this allows real estate companies to manage the information and target it to the audience they want.
  • Establish measurement metrics. With marketing strategies, you can establish metrics to determine the effectiveness of your ads (sales, conversion, visits, among others). Thus, it will be easier to analyse the applied strategies and improve them based on the results obtained.
  • Now that you know how Digital Marketing in real estate works, it is time to invest in a strategic plan to reach that target audience and start generating potential clients. Paid ads or targeted campaigns are a good option to start with a digital marketing plan.

Quick guide to rent your first apartment.

Follow these tips from real estate experts to find your apartment for rent and move in as soon as possible.

For millions of reasons, including the remoteness of a home from the workplace or simply the desire for independence, more and more people are seeking to move.

At Lamudi we know how difficult it is to understand the processes and be prepared, so before you move, read this guide:

1. Budget

Check the prices of the neighbourhoods where you would like to live and build an average budget that is not more than a third of your income, if you find something equivalent to 25% it will be better. If it is not enough, look for options, since in the long run this will represent a conflict for your economy.

2. Make a map.

Mark on a Google map the area of ​​your work centre or school and make a list of nearby neighbourhoods, compare prices and expand the territory according to cost-benefit convenience. If you have a half-hour journey with good means of transport, you could earn a lot. Do not go through the fashionable areas, meditate well.

3. Visit from 3 to 5 properties

Once you have located 3 or 5 properties that suit what you need, investigate what is happening in your environment, the services it has, roads, transport routes, parks, etc. and visit them accompanied by a real estate agent.

Ask all your questions about the services it includes, the building regulations, if they accept pets or what you consider important. Go to the neighbourhood at different times and make a pros and cons list.

If the budget is higher than you had planned, look for a roommate in advance.

4. Prepare the papers.

If you find your ideal home, all you have to do is prepare the basic requirements:

  • Endorsement with real estate
  • Job references
  • Personal references
  • Proof of income
  • Official identification
  • Deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent)
  • The rent that runs.

5. Review the contract.

If necessary, consult a lawyer before signing and for nothing in the world give deposit money and rent in advance. The only thing that real estate companies can ask for is a research expense, which although it is a cumbersome procedure, many owners request.

Success factors: real estate franchises

Today most entrepreneurs know that their business model can take a leap to expansion when acquiring a real estate franchise in Mexico.

Alfa Inmobiliaria is the franchise option to take that first step to success. Undoubtedly, its real estate business model has proven to be effective throughout the years of development and also one of the most prosperous today, its formula allows to significantly reduce the risk of failure in the first years of operation, compared to other real estate franchises.

The success of Alfa la Red Inmobiliaria No.1 is not the product of good luck, on the contrary, it is thanks to its consolidated real estate business model and this is because it has managed to develop some key factors that have allowed its clients to achieve success. franchisees.

Know how or know how.

It is one of the essential elements of any business model, here you learn the best techniques and processes to achieve success in the real estate world.

It has continuous training at its Alfa University, where you will know how to do things and how to make them work. The Alfa franchise is successful because it has clearly defined the elements of its know-how and transmits it to its network of franchisees.

Planned productivity.

Backed by more than 20 years franchising and using a proven system that employs the best real estate practices, it includes solutions by applying the 20/80 rule: more productive, more sales; In addition to providing support in the search and selection of personnel for its franchisees, profiling the best candidates with the best technology.

Network development

Alfa Inmobiliaria, apart from growing the number of franchises in a sustained way, is the network that has been established and consolidated day by day for its real estate services, since it has been characterized by changing the way of offering them, adhering to the motto “we are changing the real estate world” with TOTAL TRANSPARENCY.

In the same way, they are distinguished by their innovation of services that gives added value to the franchise, these constitute part of the main basis to maintain a healthy franchisee relationship and therefore have a guarantee of permanence and success in the market.


Be part of this successful real estate business model at an affordable price, leave your details and know all the benefits that blue world city Islamabad gives you. Do not miss the opportunity to know why they are your best option.

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