Skedadle Gaming App | Daily Commute Mobile Platform With No Pop-Up Ads Launched

The recently released mobile app provides an uninterrupted gaming experience that allows players to entertain themselves while using sustainable public transport services like trams, lift-share cars, buses, or trains.

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As calls for reduced carbon emissions increase across the UK, Skedadle’s launch introduces workers, students, and other commuters to a gamified app that provides a pleasant travel experience for players on the move.

According to data published by the UK Confederation of Passenger Transport, the choice to switch just one trip out of 25 from?private cars to public transportation can save up to two million tonnes of CO2. Skedadle’s mission is to make a positive impact on the environment by incentivizing public transportation for commuters. The app’s developers want to achieve this by creating a gaming platform that provides engaging entertainment activities and a range of rewards to make transportation more fun for travelers.

The app also revolutionizes conventional ad placement approaches currently utilized by most apps, offering a new system that creates an uninterrupted gaming experience for players. Skedadle delivers online advertisements to players using banner ads, which are less intrusive than pop-up ads. This strategic ad placement method allows for a high conversion rate for advertisers while maintaining a seamless user experience.

In addition, Skedadle allows game creators to send games to the company through its website. The app is currently available for download on the Google Play store via the link provided above. Apple users can also download the web-based app on the company’s website.

About the Company

Skedadle offers a unique gaming experience by rewarding players for travelling sustainably. The company is on a mission to transform commuting in the UK by encouraging the use of eco-friendly public transport practices.

A satisfied user said, “This app has proven to be an excellent tool for my university trips. Public transport can be so stressful, but now I can easily travel and enjoy fun games with Skedadle. It also excites me to know that I’m saving carbon emissions with it and I will definitely recommend this app to everyone I know.”

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