SIMA Impact Foundation Launches Scholarship Program for Future Impact Investing Leaders

The SIMA Impact Foundation offers a scholarship program for future impact investing leaders from the bottom of the pyramid. The geographies of focus for the scholarship program are Sub-Saharan Africa and the South Asia regions where impact investing is least developed.

In their first year, SIMA Impact Foundation partnered with The Citizens Foundation in Pakistan and Strathmore University in Kenya and Makerere University in Uganda to host 14 undergraduate students. Based on this success, they wish to expand the scholarship program to additional students and countries.

The SIMA Impact Foundation is seeking $225,000 in donations to be utilized over a four-year period. The funds will be used to support 25 students each year over four years, including hiring a full-time grant administrator/mentor and facilitating internship stipends, training costs, and travel expenses for the scholarship beneficiaries.

5-Star Recommendations Include:

“Due to this scholarship program, I am able to attain higher studies and get exposed to various opportunities. SIMA Impact Foundation has truly invested a lot in many less privileged lives, which has greatly impacted me and the society at large. Above all, it has planted in me the attitude and spirit to pay back to my society.” Alex Sankale, Strathmore University, Kenya

“This scholarship program benefited me in different ways as it has reduced the financial burden on my parents and myself. The experience gained from internship has helped me to gain insight on how to transform society through education. I would like to utilize my skills to teach students like myself who have the desire to learn but lack the financial resources to do so.” Ramza Ali, Bahria University, Pakistan

“I am thankful to SIMA Impact Foundation because it has given me the opportunity to pursue education without the mental pressure of managing finances. In addition, I have developed an interest in impact investing because it reinstalls hope in those who think that their dreams may never be fulfilled due to financial constraints.” Kevin Mafabi, Makarere University, Uganda

The SIMA Impact Foundation gratefully acknowledges the Netri Foundation and John F. and the Mary A. Geisse Foundation as pioneering partners of this scholarship program.

About SIMA Impact Foundation

SIMA Impact Foundation is a US 501 (c) 3 public charity with a mission to serve the needs of low-income people at the base of the pyramid. The Foundation strives to improve the lives of underprivileged students with innovative scholarships and e-education in emerging markets, to alleviate the impact of climate change, improve sustainable practices, address human rights, and other charitable purposes. The Foundation values transparency, entrepreneurship, logic, fairness, and teamwork.

About Asad Mahmood

Asad Mahmood, the co-founder of SIMA Impact Foundation, is one of the longest-serving investors and fund managers in the impact investing industry.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in International Finance from Temple University. Formerly, he was the Managing Director for Global Social Investment Funds for 17 years at Deutsche Bank.

About SIMA Impact Foundation’s Scholarship Program

SIMA Impact Foundation’s scholarship program for future impact investors aims to provide promising students from low-income backgrounds a chance to attend universities. It provides interest-free loans to students which can be repaid with 5% of their net salary upon attaining employment.

Scholarship recipients will not only be provided with 100% tuition assistance but also equipped with practical learning & training opportunities through internships at SIMA LLC or through other partnerships. The professional work experience and exposure to the impact investment industry is meant to benefit the scholarship recipients to become future local impact investing leaders.

According to Mr.Mahmood, “Let’s create a better future by investing in the education of promising students from low-income backgrounds to be the future leaders of impact investment.”

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