SilverLeaf dispensary brings trusted pharmacists to guide users through cannabis discovery

SilverLeaf dispensary

New dispensary to open in Somerset soon, but is already helping area residents discover the benefits of cannabis as medicine

New Brunswick, New Jersey Jan 10, 2023 ( – In recent years, cannabis as medicine has seen a renewed interest across the U.S. as usage has become more widely accepted and legal.

But with so much information out there and sometimes conflicting advice from countless online “authorities,” it can be challenging to know what is accurate and what isn’t.

Seeing that difficulty and confusion in the market, the SilverLeaf dispensary, 1743 NJ-27, looks to guide users by giving practical advice and easy-to-follow instructions.

The dedicated – and highly educated – staff at SliverLeaf are led by CEO Jessy Vikani, who has made it a lifelong goal to create positive change in her community and has been a long-time owner of independent pharmacies in New Jersey.

“It all begins with the individual,” Vikani said. “Taking that time, listening to their concerns and questions, and guiding them on the right path to relief is at the core of SilverLeaf.”

Finding highly qualified staff to help fulfill that mission, Vikani has tasked another community-minded and trusted area pharmacist to lead as vice president of operations, Nirmit Patel.

“With over a decade of experience running the Whiting Pharmacy, Nirmit Patel will bring a well-known, trusted voice to SilverLeaf,” Vikani said. “Through his various service endeavors and his dedication to patient education, he has proven to be a leader in the community. I am excited to see him share his knowledge with clients discovering cannabis treatments.”

While knowing what works and sharing it with the community is an essential part of the SilverLeaf mission, Patel said souring products that ensure the dispensary sells only the highest quality products was a keystone part of the business plan.

“We source our products from vetted New Jersey wholesalers so that we know when our clients go out the door, they can trust what they have purchased will work and is healthful,” Patel said. “Our approach incorporates the latest medical science into products and recommendations that target the desired outcome.”

“We know how confusing it can be to explore cannabis as a treatment for a specific ailment, so we want SilverLeaf to be that information filter and helpful guide along a journey to relief,” Vikani said. “Things like dosage, form, and frequency can all be factors in a successful cannabis treatment plan. We have the tools and the background in place at SilverLeaf to be the entry point to targeted and positive cannabis use.”

While the dispensary has yet to open its doors, they have already dedicated efforts to begin sharing information about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.

“We want to become a trusted source of information as users discover the basics of the legality of cannabis, product types, and forms, and that’s why we believe that having clinical guidance during medicinal cannabis use adds value to the product,” Patel said. “There can be an overwhelming amount of information out there, but we filter that information and share the most important details in easy-to-understand terminology that will give a background for our clients as they turn to SilverLeaf for their cannabis needs.”

And while the online information is something they are happy to provide, they look forward to meeting area residents to discuss their cannabis needs face-to-face.

“We are excited to open the doors at SilverLeaf and look forward to adding quality cannabis products along with the knowledge needed to use it safely and effectively,” Vikani said.

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SilverLeaf dispensary

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