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Signitory Released A New Blockchain-Powered Software To Revolutionize The E-Signature Market

Signitory is a mobile digital signature platform that allows users to sign documents remotely or in the cloud from any location and at any time. Signitory urges customers to download and use their software since it helps save money – both in legal fees and time – while also complying with the government-set social distancing standards. If you are looking for a reliable e-signature solution, Signitory is worth consideration.

Signitory operates on a blockchain-powered software with the following software features:

  • Your own custom-built signature templates where you create, upload and label them accordingly all to help ensure that your text alignments and other mistakes won’t result in disappointment.
  • A Bulk Send feature that you can send your signed document to multiple users simply by clicking a button.
  • Every document signed using the blockchain system is verified against a public database, meaning it can’t be altered or forged. These documents are typically difficult to dispute and come with increased transparency because any changes made are tracked on the blockchain ledger.

Signitory’s goal of becoming digitally aware is to become a digital industry leader and the industry standard-bearer as a Digitally Trusted Platform. The company wants to develop newer marketing models that break through the existing frameworks and will push for new ways of doing things within the market.

One of the significant challenges that organizations are now facing is digital transformation. Using digital technology forces companies to rethink their existing abilities and structures. Businesses focused on innovation run the risk of falling behind industry competitors, but they can avoid that fate with a few simple changes.

Upon hearing that Signitory specializes in electronic signature solutions, it’s no surprise that they are developing a full suite of e-signature solutions for different clients. Since different sectors have their own laws and regulations, the company is always ready to listen and create unique solutions for each customer.

Signitory integrates with all sorts of users, including but not limited to individuals, professionals, SMEs, and major companies. Signitory caters to any type of situation by providing a robust yet safe solution that will meet your demands without breaking the bank.

Embracing digital transformation is complicated as companies are tasked with determining which technologies to adopt and how they will be integrated into their business products. Regardless of acceptance levels, technological advancements could affect organizational methods and possibly their overall business strategy.

Signitory, an innovative e-signature software company, starts the “Zero-touch, Still Solid Agreements” campaign today! We are very excited to give you the opportunity to be a part of this Pilot-Run Campaign our team is launching. As the project progresses Signitory will want your feedback on what we have done and improved for you so far, as well as recommendations for what features or changes we should focus on in the future.

To activate your free sign up, please fill out the survey form and we will give you an extra 30-days of use!

About Signitory:

In 2020 Kee Choy Lai and Carlo Chung established Signitory to create a more comprehensive experience with signing by infusing their system with blockchain. Signitory’s ultimate goal is to improve people’s quality of life by increasing the efficiency and coordination in their businesses. Signitory uses blockchain technology for this purpose, as well as other digital tools that can increase productivity and effectiveness in a business.

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