SIDUS presents the first-ever real-time strategy with the battle royale mechanics

Sydney, Australia, 8th December 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SIDUS has announced the kick-off of Xenna, the first ever strategy game featuring battle royale mechanics. The mobile game will be presented at an official private Xenna Launch Party by SIDUS to be held in Dubai on December 14. 200 attendees, including SIDUS investors, top GameFi bloggers, and media will be the first to test the game. They will compete in a tournament with a prize pool worth $1 million. Moreover, the exclusive online Dutch auction will be held to support an event. Those who can’t make it to the live event will be able to join the auction via whitelist on

Now for the party’s highlights!

A Tournament with NFT prizes

30 lucky guests will be randomly selected for a 3-stage Xenna tournament to engage in dynamic clashes on a planet of the same name. All participants will be rewarded with NFT oil derricks, while the winners of each stage will get an NFT oil refinery. Economy-wise, oil is an indispensable resource for interplanetary voyages in the SIDUS metaverse and will be needed for all players to travel.

Dutch Auction: 1+1

During the event’s climax – the online Dutch auction – guests will be the first ones to acquire NFT Xenna cards that serve as a pass into the Xenna closed beta. Everyone who buys enough at its initial 1 ETH price will get a bonus land plot on Xenna. For the next 5 years, these plots will be generating valuable resources needed in all SIDUS games. If bought by a party guest, a Xenna NFT comes with yet another bonus: an Epic NFT oil tanker. Whitelisted participants will get a free Common NFT oil tanker for acquiring a Xenna NFT at any price. 

Xenna was developed by Cyber Games and published by SIDUS GATES to scale up the SIDUS metaverse. SIDUS GATES is an exclusive game publisher onboarding gaming studios and their projects to SIDUS: a next-gen metaverse offering players the opportunity to become co-owners through a module economy. All these projects will share the same lore and utilize native tokens called $SIDUS and $SENATE, while players will be able to move NFTs and their progress across all the metaverse’s games. 

“We’ve devised a truly unique project that doesn’t even need P2E mechanics to be appealing. A battle royale mode in a strategy is no less fun than in a shooter like PUBG or Fortnite. Let’s fight for NFT rewards to trade or boast to your friends!” said Co-Founder & CEO of SIDUS GATES Roman Povolotski. “Owners of these NFT collectibles will enjoy the same combat opportunities as the P2E users, but they will also profit from investing into modules built on Xenna station (the same way it works with Central Station now). Each time a Xenna player utilizes these modules, its co-owner will be given royalties. This model also helps cement the metaverse through tight-knit social connections. Thanks to the module economy, our players can co-own SIDUS gaming products and even set up their own enterprises to provide services to other users. As a result, our players will become our full-fledged partners who would be equally interested in the product and eager to help $SIDUS catch up to 1$!”

What else to expect

As part of the event, the studio heads will hold a press conference to give a sneak peek into their plans and present the new SIDUS HEROES website that will host all future games.

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