Short Bias Day Trading Chatroom Mentorship To Trade In All Market Cycles Update

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) seeks to widen access to the stock market, pairing beginners with seasoned professionals who can pass on their skills and experience to a new generation of day traders. The platform includes a chatroom, providing members with a space to connect with a global community of day traders to swap tips, share techniques, and make new friends and contacts in the financial world.

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The announcement details the expanded list of topics now covered by the MIC training syllabus. New members and subscribers to the mentorship program can access a comprehensive range of educational resources including a seven-hour Accelerator Course that covers every aspect of day trading. This includes modules on stock splits, scanning software, and technical analysis.

According to Investopedia, a dedicated short bias is a directional trading strategy that favors net short positions over long ones. These approaches are commonly used by hedge fund managers but they also find application in other forms of day trading. MIC helps members gain an understanding of these techniques and how they might be applied to their own practice.

The platform hosts weekly live webinars, keeping members up to date with the latest market trends and emerging prospects. All content is recorded and logged as part of the website’s state-of-the-art learning management system – an exhaustive collection of videos covering every topic relating to intraday trading.

The mentors are all highly-regarded traders who have overseen millions of dollars worth of deals over the course of their careers. MIC members get exclusive access to their mentor seven days a week via SMS or voice call. Subscription fees start at $3995 for one year.

Additional features available to subscribers include paper demo trading simulation to allow beginners to practice new techniques and develop their skills before risking any real capital.

A spokesperson says, “Our chatroom with over 2,000 active members is willing to help your trading and will treat you like family. Your trading questions will no longer go unanswered. We answer member questions at any time before, during, and after market hours.”

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