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Shopify Stock Gains as Records a Lesser Loss Than Expected

Shopify stock was trading at $33.89 as of 11:14 AM EDT

When compared to the previous quarter, Shopifys (NYSE:SHOP) revenue climbed 22% to $1.4 billion. The Canadian e-commerce powerhouse saw an 8% growth in monthly recurring sales to $107 million over the previous year.

The impact of the free and paid trial experiences introduced in the quarter largely offset the progressive yearly gains in the number of Shopify Plus merchants on the platform, not to mention the thousands of new retail locations using POS Pro.

Due mainly to a rise in MRR and the lag of SHOPs change in app selling terms, Subscription Solutions revenue climbed 12% to $376.3 million. In order to handle larger portions of their businesses, merchants have continued to use SHOP solutions, which has resulted in a 26% rise in revenue for Merchant Solutions to $989.9 million.

Earnings outlook and Shopify stock position

Compared to 12% of revenue in the prior years quarter, the adjusted operating loss was $45.1 million, or 3% of revenue. The disparity was mostly the result of growth in manpower, including Deliverr, and to a lesser amount, adjustments to SHOPs compensation policy. The personnel reduction announced in Julys one-time charges for severance-related costs are also not included in the Q3 adjusted operating loss, nor are two accruals for ongoing legal proceedings.

The actual EPS was $-0.02 as opposed to the expected $-0.07. Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) anticipates an adjusted operating loss amount for Q4 that will be roughly equivalent to the adjusted operating loss amount in the third quarter. In premarket trading on Thursday, shares of Shopify (SHOP) rose 5.22%.

Outlook for 2022

With the help of our omnichannel capabilities, GMV growth will continue to outperform the larger U.S. retail market in the fourth quarter; for the entire year 2022, Merchant Solutions revenue growth will outpace Subscription Solutions revenue growth by a factor of more than two; both GMV and total revenue will be distributed more evenly across the four quarters, similar to 2021; and; Gross profit dollar growth will materially lag revenue growth as a result of the greater mix of Merchant Solutions that contributes to total revenue and the dilutive effect of Deliverr; After Q3, the annual rate of operating expense growth will sequentially slow down.

Shopify Stock: Reasons For The Last Week’s Gains

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