Shiny Glide, aka Luigi Antonio Venneri, is a Los Angeles-based recording artist, producer, multinstrumentalist, songwriter and poet. He also creates all of the music videos for his songs. Since he was an adolescent, he had a natural talent for music and writing songs and poetry. He has an absolute ear, so he can easily and quickly compose and improvise music in any style as long as he has the right motivation and inspiration. He puts a lot of work and soul into his music production for the pure pleasure and urge to create and satisfy his worldwide music fans.

Shiny Glide is pure music and inspiration, as free and natural as a gliding albatross. The music styles range from psychedelic rock to blues, from romantic and spiritual ballads to oriental and alternative music. Shiny Glide is an international act available for tours and festivals and always open to artistic collaborations and any kind of professional and spiritual support as long as it doesn’t hurt peace of mind and creative freedom.

Shiny Glide has been honing his musical skills since he was a young child and his passion for music and writing shines through in his work. His songs are a mix of genres that include soul, R&B, hip hop, pop and jazz, and he is a master of creating catchy hooks and melodies. He has a gift for storytelling and his lyrics are introspective and honest, giving listeners a glimpse into his personal life and experiences.

He has just signed a Major Distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment, aka The Orchard. The sky is the limit for this artist from Los Angeles, California and he is releasing a new song on November 8th called “Soul Food” that will be marketed and released through Sony Music/The Orchard.

He is sure to gain even more fans and followers. Be sure to check out his music and stay up to date with his latest news and releases by following him on social media.

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