Shima Capital Announces Latest Investment In NFT Web3 Gaming Firm Mystic Games

A venture capital firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Shima Capital invests in up-and-coming companies developing the next generation of web3 and blockchain technologies, of which Mystic Games is the latest signing.

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The announced investment comes as the latest industry figures suggest that the world’s three billion video game players are creating a potentially lucrative but, as yet, largely untapped investment market, explains Shima Capital, adding that recent advances in blockchain and web3 development may be about to change this.

Mystic Games’ Call of the Voyd: Genesis is a top-down shooter game playable on Android and iOS smartphones. Utilizing blockchain technology, it allows players to obtain NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as prizes solely through gameplay.

What sets Mystic Games apart, however, is that the game will enable players to own the prizes they win. Using the latest blockchain-based NFT technology, players will be able to own the weapons, characters and abilities they gain and can also trade these assets in the metaverse to other committed players. The more experience and game time a player puts in, the more valuable the assets become, thus generating a game with a financial return on time invested in the form of cryptocurrency.

“This kind of innovative new approach to game play is really going to shake up both the gaming world and how we think about digital investments”, explained Yida Gao, Shima Capital’s Managing General Partner and cryptocurrency expert.

“At Shima Capital, we foster the most creative propositions and digital entrepreneurs from around the globe. Mystic Games are bringing together the gaming and crypto investment spheres in a new and unique way, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.”

Gao, who has already featured in several high-profile financial 30 under 30 watchlists, regularly shares his expertise in the fast-evolving digital economy when teaching his ground-breaking crypto finance course to students studying at Massachusetts’ leading technological institute.

His company, Shima Capital, has numerous investments in companies involved in blockchain technology, including game studios, DeFi startups, and metaverse developers, among others.

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