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Shifting Into an Entrepreneurial Mindset: 3 Ways to Make it Happen

We often assume that only a select, chosen-few have the minds that are needed to be entrepreneurs. It’s a fairytale kind of lifestyle that so many people will forgo, not realizing that they, too, have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. In fact, with the internet today, just about anyone can go online, pursue a side hustle, and unlock this kind of entrepreneurial freedom for themselves. They just have to first believe it’s possible.

Vivienne Posch has been embracing her entrepreneurial mindset for over twenty years now, after turning her back on being a seamstress and working as a tailor. She always thought that’s what she should be doing for a safe and reliable income. Yet she realized along the way that she was sacrificing personal happiness to make it happen. That didn’t sit well with her, which is why she took a risk and flew to the United States to go to a business training that she felt was calling her. She was heavily pregnant and didn’t have the money for it but Vivienne just felt something amazing was going to happen there.

Immediately after this training in the US she started to build her business around being a personal development and business trainer, intent on helping other people to unlock their divine purpose. She helps people overcome limiting beliefs and thinking patterns so they can embrace every inch of their entrepreneurial mindset the moment they wake up.

Here are three things Vivienne Posch tells her students to do in order to make this happen:

  1. Take Responsibility and Make a Change: We often feel like we have no control over our lives and our purposes. We feel that we are part of corporate machines, destined to sacrifice our happiness along the way. In reality, we have the ability to change everything we want at a moment’s notice, and assuming this responsibility will feel incredibly good. You can make the changes you want to see in your life, but you have to believe it first.
  2. Know That You Can Have Anything You Want: Abundance in life, wealth, relationships, and productivity is available to you, right now. You have to stop talking negatively to yourself and proclaim your success. You can scoop into the abounding, unlimited amount of abundance that’s available, right at your fingertips today.
  3. Fall in Love with Learning: Life is meant to be a never-ending learning process. Fall in love with the art of learning and become comfortable with the unknown. The more you allow new opportunities to come your way, the happier you will become. God wants you to open up to these positive, abundant changes.

You must have the courage to break-free from the monotony of work today and want other people to know that they can do the same. Vivienne says she wants everyone to live in their own greatness and to realize that we all have everything we could have ever wanted, already in our tool belts. You are capable and you are worthy.