Session Surrealism: Session Goods Launches New Colorways for Silicone Accessories

Session Surrealism: Session Goods Launches New Colorways for Silicone Accessories

Session Goods introduces a new era of surrealism with a  line of new colorways added to their signature collection of smoking accessories

San Francisco, CA, USA — Session Goods, the San Francisco based lifestyle brand creating modern and sophisticated smoking essentials, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest new color drop. Session Goods has created new whimsical colors of green, aquamarine blue, and warm gray for its award-winning interchangeable silicone accessories for the flagship bong and handheld pipe.

The new Surrealist Colorways has taken its inspiration from the visual masterpieces and philosophies of the Surrealists. Each color draws from the painted world of our dreams (aquamarine blue), desires (green), and memories (warm gray) with abstract meaning. First, an idea is constructed in the deepest oceans of our dreams. It is then transformed into the pure open fields of desire, begging to be brought to life, and ultimately cementing itself into memory. Green is a color that can conjure powerful emotions and is a dominant color in nature that makes you think of growth, desire, and envy. Aquamarine blue Blue or cyan represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with freedom, imagination, inspiration, and dreams. Gray represents neutrality and balance and is associated with concrete or cementing memories. All of these colors combined, evoke feelings of relaxation, peace, and harmony. 

Much like the Surrealists, Session believes that creativity and happiness come from a balance between productivity and rest. Session believes humans need moments of indulgence, times where the body can disconnect leaving the mind free to wander. Sometimes, doing nothing is the most productive thing to do.

For Session, the thoughtful consumption of cannabis is the doorway in the desert. It opens the mind and slowly melts down the mental walls creating a gap for true creativity, imagination, and new ideas to flourish.

In an attempt to create a chromatic dreamscape, this new set of colored silicone accessories will inspire people to dream freely, desire deeply, and make memories that lead them to embrace the surreal, achieve escape, and foster creativity – this ultimately leads to peace and a more fulfilling life. To free the unconscious mind, defy logic, and blur the lines between dreams and reality. In times of darkness, don’t forget to dream.

These phenomenal smoking accessories combine smooth, clean lines, and an elevated aesthetic to create pieces that look and perform like no other. Whether you’re trying to compliment your home decor or match your favorite outfit, the interchangeable silicone accessories allow you to personalize your Session Bong. The silicone footer protects the glass bong body as well as marks the minimum waterline for a proper hit. The silicone carry sleeve protects the glass pipe from damage while on the go. It also allows for the storage of a packed bowl and the reduction of messy ash. All Session Goods products are made of high-quality materials and designed with an elegant and sophisticated look that highlights simple and functional smoking features.

These high-grade silicone products are available for purchase on The silicone accessories retail for $20 which includes include one footer, two grommets, and one tab and the pipe silicone sleeve retails for $10. The new colors will be available as interchangeable silicone accessories designed for the Session Bong and Session Pipe. The Bong and Pipe are sold separately.

You can view hi-res product images HERE and campaign imagery HERE.

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