Serenity Trends Sells Haircare Products to Help Clients Protect Their Health Year-Round

The online hair products shop sources from reputable haircare product manufacturers to deliver maximum quality to clients

California, US, 6th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRERecent research on the efficacy of keratin for hair health revealed that the topical application of this protein leads to the rapid growth of longer, thicker, and healthier hair. Experts also recommend brushing hair to stimulate scalp capillaries and help natural oils travel to hair ends (both of which are necessary for healthy hair). Serenity Trends offers several hair products to help clients capitalize on the above-mentioned research.

Serenity Trends’ collection of haircare products includes the Lumin Strengthening Conditioner—a unisex hair conditioner with keratin extracts to aid hair production and achieve a voluminous look. The company also offers a detangling brush that features a series of flexible handles containing soft bristles that may be separated to remove the brush from tangled hair quickly and painlessly. These products are offered under a bulk buying promotion; Clients that purchase more than two units are entitled to a 5% discount, and a 9% discount applies for purchases of 5 units or more.

A Serenity Trends spokesperson was asked how the company’s products help clients maintain hair health during seasonal changes. They responded, “Dry winter air often leaves many people with frizzy hair that’s difficult to manage without the right haircare products. We’ve handpicked some of the best hair care products to solve this issue, like the Lumin Strengthening Conditioner, which locks in moisture, and the detangling brush, which is an organic way to maintain hair health. We also provide numerous hairstyling products like claws, clips, and pomade to help our clients keep their hair looking and feeling great.”

In addition to hair care products, Serenity Trends offers the latest fashion apparel, including men’s and women’s hoodies, sweatshirts, accessories, and more. They also provide skincare products such as Gua Sha stones to get rid of excessive lymph node fluid and facial cleansing brushes that are designed to remove impurities without leaving skin abrasions. Moreover, the company sells beauty gadgets such as electric blackhead removers and eyebrow trimmers—making them a one-stop shop for clients looking to boost their health and beauty routines simultaneously.

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Serenity Trends is an online clothing, beauty products, and accessories retail store established in 2022. They ship all products through UPS and provide tracking numbers for all orders. Serenity Trends accepts payments via PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA. Refunds and returns are entertained on all beauty products that have not been opened.

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