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SEO is confusing, but it doesnt have to be. In Honest SEO: Demystifying the Google Algorithm to Help You Get More Traffic & Revenue (An Inc. Original, Aug 8, 2023), internationally recognized SEO expert Jason Hennessey presents actionable, proven insights from more than 20 years of industry-leading experience to help businesses thrive.

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The world of SEO is rife with misinformation and inexperienced practitioners giving not-so-great (and often not-so-honest) advice. This can be complicated, overwhelming, and expensive, leaving you feeling indecisive and not knowing where to start or who to believe. Thats where Honest SEO comes in. Jason Hennesseyafter spending decades reverse engineering the Google algorithmshares the proven strategies hes used to earn more than $1 billion for his clients by leveraging the power of SEO.

Jason Hennessey is the real dealthe 1% of SEO professionals who can make a transformational impact, said Michael Mogill, founder and CEO of Crist Video. Few people have as thorough an understanding of and passion toward SEO as Jason. The man is literally obsessed with SEO and has dedicated his life to it.

With Honest SEO, you can learn the fundamentals that wont go out of style when Google releases a new algorithm update. No matter what business youre in, even if you dont know where to start or what to focus on, Honest SEO is the digital marketing blueprint written with perennial cutting-edge strategies that will increase your Google rankings, traffic, leads, and sales, all with the goal of increasing your revenue.

I hope this book will change your life, Hennessey said. With the skills, ideas, and knowledge it contains, youll be able to take any site, any business, or any venture, and scale it, grow it, and attract traffic. This book is meant to be evergreen, focusing on the principles that last. Its designed to be a holistic, end-to-end resource you can rely on. Its the foundation thatll set up all your efforts to come. My goal with this book is to educate and empower, and the material within its pages will form strategies and tactics that will last you a lifetime.

Pick up your copy of Honest SEO and learn more about Jason Hennesseys accomplished work in SEO by visiting For the latest updates and insights, Check out the Jason Hennessey Podcast and blog.

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