Selloften: Discover How This Brand Became A Powerhouse Shortly After Launching

Selloften: Discover How This Brand Became A Powerhouse Shortly After Launching

Boynton Beach — We live in a world that’s slowly but surely attempting to become sustainable. People are learning that Earth, our home, can only take so much. This has made many conscious about the way they live. One of the positive changes adapted in this direction is how we are reselling goods and buying used goods – an admirable step indeed. However, most find it difficult to gauge the right price for used products. That’s where Selloften comes in. Let’s discover how this brand became a powerhouse shortly after launching.

COVID spelled doom on most established businesses in 2020. However, a few startups that could capitalize on the situation and offer some form of respite to people thrived even amidst the pandemic. Selloften is one such business. Launched two months shy of the global lockdown, Selloften has risen to unprecedented heights in just two years. The business is headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, and its founder, Robert J Scagliola, had this to say about their growth: “When we started, we knew we had a good idea. We have two things we like to focus on. One, people can come to us and get expert quotes for the product they want to sell. And second, we resell used products in the market. Both services are designed to ease your burden and take away the stress that comes from not knowing the right price and fearing being taken for a ride. In 2020, a stress-busting service was something everyone craved. Beyond 2020, the service had to survive on its own merit. Clearly, we are doing something right that helps people get on with their life with one stress less.”

For Selloften, it’s all about keeping up with the changing market. As the market changes, so do the prices. And this is where users like us begin to imagine the worst. But thanks to Selloften, now we no longer have to!

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