Sell-Side M&A Prospect Sourcing | Pipeline Management Solution Announced

With this latest announcement, OutFlow helps M&A advisors brokering sales and partnership deals improve their volume of opportunities through targeted, exclusive, and off-market prospecting services. The company expedites counterparty introductions to facilitate desired scalability or liquidity outcomes.

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In today’s unpredictable economy, it’s important company leaders considering full sales or partnership deals have the greatest number of qualified opportunities on the horizon to make desired exit or merger plans a success. With their latest updates, OutFlow helps sell-side M&A advisors eliminate time-wasting prospecting and data-digging activities by matching their them with parties that meet seller-specified criteria.

Advisors working on behalf of companies and company owners considering a sale have a number of variables to bear in mind. Sales objectives must complement buyer goals and value drivers while market dynamics must favor the timing of the transaction to improve closing probability. OutFlow takes much of the guesswork out of the prospecting component to match all seller considerations with buyer intent.

The company generates consistent, targeted opportunities that help its clients focus on nurturing relationships and hammering out win-win negotiations. They help M&A professionals close more deals by securing meetings and appointments with vetted, qualified prospects.

The company begins the prospecting process by developing an exclusive database built around its client’s ideal criteria. This includes geographic inputs, targeted buyer profiles, sector targets, and other salient objectives. Advisors receive a predictable number of meetings and appointments per month to help them identify and pursue the most favorable buyer candidates.

It’s often said both buy and sell-side prospecting is a numbers game. OutFlow helps skew these numbers in its clients’ favor by filling up their calendars with more opportunities more frequently.

A recent client says, “Being involved with multiple projects and with little time to allocate to deal sourcing we partnered with OutFlow. They helped with data, outreach, and the qualification process. Within months we had over 170 appointments set up and a 100 percent conversion rate on meetings. This meant our team could concentrate on high-priority acquisition targets to ensure time was spent on the most promising business development opportunities.”

Recognized as the industry’s most experienced sell-side M&A pipeline management company, OutFlow increases efficiencies with exclusive, off-market opportunities that help advisors and company leaders meet their overall objectives.

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