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Selim Kiralp – The Energetic Face Behind Selim Kiralp Investment Reaping The Benefits Of Real Estate Development

Selim Kiralp is a one in a million Commercial real estate developer and investor.  Selim’s creative nature towards investing and passion for exploring new concepts has led him to great success.

Historically, property developments have proven to be a stable and reliable investment. The real estate market as a whole tends to be a lot less volatile than other markets. Additionally Real Estate Investing is attractive as it offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in their choice of development projects, generating significant returns on their investments. Moreover, investing directly in commercial real estate creates assets that can appreciate exponentially and provide cash flow.

Selim Kiralp, a profitable commercial real estate developer and real estate investor has been investing in the right markets at the right time for years. With dedication of going above and beyond to enhance people’s quality of life, Mr. Kiralp is known for his eagle-eye approach towards investing in core markets of real estate. His out-of-the-box approach to exploring new strategies has contributed to his success. While talking about his passion, he states, “I am in love with my business, and if I were to be born again, I would love to do the same business again.”

A person leaning against a wall

Description automatically generated with low confidenceReal estate investment is complex and time-consuming, having a solid plan in place can keep investors organized and on track. Mr. Kiralp approaches his activities as a business professional with result-oriented planning to visualize the big picture and achieve short and long term goals. For Selim, the sky’s the limit which pushes him to delve deep into real estate investing without fear of losing. Keeping abreast of current trends, he constantly improves his skills to stand out in the crowd and provide his customer base with a diverse range of top-notch services.

Investors who fail to take educated risks may lose momentum in their businesses. Mr. Kiralps’ calculated approach has made him successful while mitigating these risks. He never allows the challenges in real estate development to stop progress.  Rather he finds solutions and keeps the ball rolling no matter the challenges. In all of his real estate ventures he is yet to be disappointed. According to Mr. Kiralp, “Every property has its own characteristics; you must learn about the neighborhood,  understand the needs of the community, comprehend the potentail investment, and take ownership of the property. It’s important to feel like it is going to be your baby, but at the same time you shouldn’t have emotions with it because it’s your business. Although people and the community are what we are providing for, the numbers are what matters at the end of the day. If the numbers don’t work then we have helped no one”                        

Mr. Kiralp is a role model for new real-estate developers and investors. His wise decisions and optimistic approach to any given problem is to find the best possible solution and press on.  For Selim there is no need to get upset over spilled milk. The few golden pieces of advice he gives to new investors is, find trusted advisors, create an effective plan with in-depth knowledge, and be always ready to learn as learning never ends!