Seizing opportunities: The Making of Dan Plowman

The difference between one who works to satisfy their financial needs and building a career is the drive and passion. When one is passionate about one’s work, it is no longer considered work but a lifestyle. Dan Plowman is a real-life example of an entrepreneur who took his passion for sales and people and turned it into a career in the real estate industry.

In his days before entering the real estate market, Dan was the owner of an HVAC business. The key takeaway from his career in HVAC was the passion that ignited within himself from sales and meeting people. This discovery led Dan Plowman to take a leap of faith and plunge into the real estate industry.

The market conditions were volatile when Dan Plowman decided to pursue his career in the real estate business. The market crashed, and interest rates hiked over 17%, making it near impossible for entrepreneurs in the industry to succeed. However, Dan did not allow those conditions to set him back; he instead inputted over 70 hours of work a week and persevered through the tough times to succeed. After much dedication, hard work, and sleepless nights came success in his third year, confirming to Dan himself that this would become his life-long career path.

Within the first few years of his career in the business, Dan noticed a gap between consumers and Realtors which impacted the quality of service for both parties involved. Realtors in the industry were not vetted or adequately trained to service consumers to their fullest potential. To bridge that gap, Dan Plowman set out to start the Dan Plowman Team. Dan’s goal with the Dan Plowman Team was to provide higher standards through screening and training for licenced Realtors to benefit the working Realtors and the consumers. Not only did this ensure fair practice, but it guaranteed a better overall experience for everyone involved, making a transaction service feel more like a milestone experience.

The development of the Dan Plowman Team has inspired Dan to create Dan Plowman Coaching. Dan Plowman Coaching is a coaching business in the running for over 15 years now, allowing other Realtors access to the same turnkey strategies developed by Dan while creating his team.

Dan Plowman is an entrepreneur who has demonstrated passion, perseverance and determination in his journey to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

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Interviewed compiled by LuxVision Media Group Inc.