Security Token Advisors Success Network Officially Live; Tokenization Research Consortium Launches Globally

Miami, Florida, United States, 20th Apr 2023 – Security Token Advisors (STA) is announcing the official launch of its new research portal and community platform called the “STA Success Network.” As a leading consulting firm for tokenization, the recent rise in adoption has led the company to adopt a new approach to serve the growing industry. With the STA Success Network, members have access to a weekly intelligence email, analyst calls with the research team, a member portal filled with a comprehensive resource library and community posting/ messaging tools, and the ability to contribute to, among other publications.

Since helping its first client in 2017, Security Token Advisors has facilitated the tokenization of numerous assets and securities types across multiple geographies. Supporting over 40 clients in the last 5 years, the team has developed a massive repository of information including multi-industry case studies, tokenization guides, and tailored educational resources to support issuers. Meeting with dozens of partners across the industry, the team has an established track record in the industry, including having support from leading experts in the field. Herwig Konings, CEO and Founder, believes the launch comes at a critical time for the industry and says ”With tokenization entering an era where financial institutions across the globe are embracing the technology, we believe it’s time to bring together the leading players and issuers to learn from each other and establish best practices while taking advantage of key network effects that will accelerate adoption. Instead of supporting clients directly with premium consulting services as we have done exclusively, the STA Success Network will aggregate all of this intelligence in one place, accessible at any time. Powered by online software and weekly curated events, anyone exploring tokenization can find everything they need to start their journey and stay plugged into the evolving $80 billion industry.” 

Since launching early access a few weeks ago, the STA team has been circulating weekly insights, hosting analyst calls, connecting members with synergistic opportunities, and tailoring the resource library to meet demand. Peter Gaffney, Head of Research, sees the Success Network as an optimal outsourced research group for investment banks, capital advisory firms, private equity shops, equity research groups, and asset managers in general. “It seems the general consensus is that tokenization will sweep the capital markets. We all see the headlines. And, we’re currently at an inflection point where many of these banks and advisory firms are gearing up to provide services to their big clients in the private markets who will want the faucet turned on as soon as they’re ready to jump in. The Success Network acts as that research and intel one-stop-shop connecting the dots for these banks, broker-dealers, and capital market players from both a retail and an institutional perspective. So far we’re pleased with the feedback and response, already seeing members from some of the biggest household names in finance join.”

With over 100 members, the STA Success Network already features members ranging from financial professionals to technology experts and active tokenization pioneers. A list of some featured members includes the following:

Law Firms – Sosnow & Associates, Winston & Strawn, and Zuber Lawler

Brokerage Firms – Dalmore Group, EquityShift, Oasis Pro Markets, Rialto Markets, Securitize Markets, and tZERO

Technology Providers – Coinbase, Blockstation, DigiShares, LombardWorks, Securitize, Securrency, Tokeny and tZERO

Blockchain Protocols – Accumulate, Avalanche, and Provenance 

Token Issuers – Fairchild Acquisition, recently SEC approved Reg A+ issuer Freeport, and XY Labs 

Coinbase’s Head of Asset Allocators & Tokenization, Anthony Bassili, embraced the idea and has already invited several colleagues to participate. He says “The programming STA has is fantastic, offering plenty of opportunities to jump into specific topics to discuss with industry leaders and the STA team directly. By bringing the industry together in the STA network, we are seeing more collaboration and activity across companies. It’s great to see STA leading the market today in tokenization education, thought leadership and content.”

The STA Success Network will continue to feature new benefits such as access to a Real Estate tokenization course, exclusive paid research complementary to members, VIP tickets to events by Security Token Market, discounts to industry resources, and more value-adds for industry participants. Further expansion of the resource library, media syndication partnerships, and collaborations with academia will also be a focus. 

About Security Token Advisors, LLC

Since 2017, ​​Security Token Advisors has been the original consulting firm dedicated to security tokens exclusively, assisting asset owners ranging from business owners and family offices with large real estate portfolios to governments and sovereign funds in executing a successful securitization leveraging blockchain technology. These engagements consist of leading an asset owner through the process of tokenizing an asset, beginning with token structuring and working with applicable vendors, including legal support, broker-dealer engagements, and investor relations strategies. STA’s experienced team has worked through many tokenized securities issuances and has worked with a wide variety of asset classes and jurisdictions, featuring a vetted vendor network of over 40 service providers.

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