SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham Explains That Some Items Are Not Allowed In Storage

Lanham, MD – Indoor storage units are an excellent option for storing delicate items, such as antiques, family heirlooms, photographs, and electronics. Many home and business owners open new storage units each day. Sometimes, it is for the long-term; others, it’s for a short-term storage need, such as moving or awaiting a home renovation. However, many people are unaware that not all items can safely (or legally) be left in a storage unit.

To help dispel concerns about what can and can’t be stored, SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham has compiled a handy list for prospective storage unit renters. While the company encourages people to store everything from motor vehicles to last season’s clothing, not every item is a good candidate for storage. These are:

  • Firearms. Most states and local government agencies ban the storage of firearms in both outdoor and indoor storage units. They are a significant liability issue for property owners, and if they make it to the streets in the wrong hands, well-intended and stored guns may be stolen and used for violent purposes.
  • Hazardous materials. Combustible, toxic, and flammable materials are also not a good idea for indoor storage units. It may also be illegal to store compressed gas, radioactive materials, and other toxic substances in a storage unit. Acid, propane tanks, gasoline, turpentine, paint, and fertilizer should also be kept at home.
  • Stolen merchandise. It should go without saying that illegally-obtained merchandise is not welcome at SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham or any other reputable storage facility. Illegal activity will be reported to local authorities.
  • Living creatures. Most people understand that they can’t live in a storage unit or keep their animals locked up when they are not with them. However, SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham says that it is worth noting that storage unit holders should not keep dead people or animals in a storage unit either. This includes cremated remains and taxidermy trophies.
  • Irreplaceable items. SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham welcomes artwork, antique vehicles, and other valuables. However, the staff here also recommends that priceless/irreplaceable items be kept within arms’ reach. In the event that a storage unit owner is unable to pay their bill, their unit will likely go to auction. This means that a stranger may wind up with someone’s valuable family heirlooms. And although unlikely, fires, floods, and robberies can also happen without warning.
  • Money. A bank deposit box is a much better option for money, jewelry, stock certificates, and other financial vehicles.
  • Fur coats. That sable coat hanging in the closet should probably stay there, according to the experts at SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham. This is because fur clothing requires specific conditions for proper preservation. While many indoor storage units are climate-controlled, a specialty storage provider may be a better option for these pricey possessions.

Tires, uninsured vehicles, and anything prone to mold, such as wet clothing, should also be kept in other places. While SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham strives to accommodate storage requests, there are some items that are simply unsafe or illegal, and it is in a property owner’s best interest to seek specialty storage or to keep their invaluable items at home or with a trusted relative.

SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham is conveniently located at 10108 Greenbelt Road and offers a variety of outdoor and indoor storage units to fit all budgets. With convenient operating hours, extra security, and routine pest control, SecureSpace Self Storage Lanham is one of the highest-rated self-storage facilities in the area.

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