Secure DieFi Digital Asset & NFT Storage To Avoid Lost Crypto: App Announced

The authorized dealer of leading hardware crypto wallets and seed phrase recovery tools has announced a new partnership with DieFi – an app which stores digital assets, NFTs, and other crypto information.

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Developed by cybersecurity company FortKnoxster, the crypto security app ensures that the user’s assigned beneficiaries can access their stored information in case of memory loss, emergency, or death.

“FortKnoxster, nor any of its staff, has no access to the information contained in the platform, as it is based on zero-knowledge principles. Basically, all data within the platform is one big “black hole”, as the data is end-to-end encrypted and protected by the latest encryption and security measures,” explained a DieFi representative.

The patent pending app allows users to store any crypto information, including all their credentials, cold storage devices, ledgers, wallets, trading accounts details, and more. With multi-chain support, traders can access and manage all their crypto and NFTs.

With DieFi, users can also set up a so-called Dead Man’s Switch Timer. This feature allows crypto holders to give access to their beneficiaries and control when they are contacted. By default, DieFi will contact the beneficiary 12 months after the user’s last login – but the timer can be adjusted as needed. Before any contact with beneficiaries is made, DieFi will send several alerts to the user.

The company explains that to gain access to a user’s account, the beneficiaries will undergo a strict verification process. This includes real-time ID and face recognition scans with hundreds of security checks – all performed using AI and machine learning to prevent fraud.

“The access verification is done online by a 3rd party security company, a market pioneer and leader in ID verification technology,” explained a DieFi spokesperson. “Their technology is used in most airports worldwide to detect humans and detect ID fraud.”

With the new partnership, The Crypto Merchant and DieFi are providing crypto holders with the most advanced and secure solution to safeguard their crypto assets by eliminating the human element. Founded by a group of early crypto adopters and miners, The Crypto Merchant is the leading US supplier of hardware wallets, seed phrase backup plates, hard wallet cases, and other accessories.

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