Secrets of Becoming an Entrepreneur in the Medical Field From Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

Entrepreneurs typically have a hard time getting their business ideas in front of the right people. Joshua Stowers of Business News Daily states that most business owners end up closing shop before the second year of operation, and the medical field is no different. To stand out in a crowded area such as this, a company needs to have a great product or do something that no one else has done. One of the most challenging hurdles to overcome for most medical entrepreneurs is getting the right people excited about their business ideas. Dr. Jonathan Kaplan is a shining example of what sets modern successful medical entrepreneurs apart from others.

Inspiration From a Young Age

Dr. Kaplan’s father was a general surgeon in Alexandria, Louisiana. While he was still a boy, no more than 11 years old, he witnessed his first operation, which involved grafting skin from one area to another to cover a surgical wound. It was at that point he realized he wanted to become a plastic surgeon. Today, he’s a well-respected professional in the field, operating out of a private practice in San Francisco. He’s been invited to speak at several different forums on the topic of plastic surgery, but being a doctor was just the start for this entrepreneur.

Instagram Marketing in the Medical World

Social media is one of the more powerful marketing tools for businesses today and can serve to bolster the visibility of a practice or an individual business owner. Dr. Kaplan realized this and created an Instagram profile for social media marketing. Statista estimates that Instagram has around 1 billion users on the platform. Dr. Kaplan’s Instagram persona has thousands of followers thanks to his charisma and the ability to engage the audience. He’s noted that the profile has taken on a life of its own, and most Instagram users know him by the handle instead of his real name. It’s done wonders for his practice in San Francisco as well.

Branching Out Into Service Provision

Dr. Kaplan realized that there were severe inefficiencies in the medical field and set about trying to rectify those problems. The result was a business idea that evolved into BuildMyBod Health. BuildMyBod Health is a tool that clinics can use to ensure their clients experience price transparency and allows for price checking and estimation directly from the provider’s websites. Physicians could avoid losing patients over the need to come in for consultations and even offer an AI-trained chatbot to help deal with customer queries regarding price. This business venture has been very successful for Dr. Kaplan, and many doctors now rely on his innovation to do business.

Two Different Approaches From the Same Entrepreneur

Looking at Dr. Kaplan’s business plans, it can be challenging to grasp how one individual could have two different business ideas. They are united under a single overarching vision, however: providing value to the consumer. Dr. Kaplan’s private practice is booming because he puts the client’s needs first and makes them comfortable in his skills and ability to get the surgery done right. For other physicians, he offers them software  specifically for their needs. As the doctor’s business continues to expand, we may see new ideas from this entrepreneur as time goes on.