Seattle Women’s Sugaring Hair Removal & Cleansing Facials, Spa Packages Launched

Recognizing that for many women, hair removal is an essential step in their skincare routine, the highly trained beauticians at the spa have developed a series of new facials and skin treatments that are designed to work alongside sugaring. Penelope and the Beauty Bar has quickly become a Seattle leader in gentle sugaring, which they recommend as a sensitive skin hair removal technique. However, they still believe that the skin needs to be professionally cleansed, hydrated and nourished between these sessions.

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar is proud to be a sugaring specialist as the hair removal technique grows in popularity in Seattle. A gentler and more natural form of waxing, sugaring can remove hair effectively in the short term while encouraging thinner hair and less regrowth in the long term.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar also makes their own sensitive skin-friendly sugaring paste entirely from natural sugar, lemon and water.

Despite the fact that sugaring is far gentler on the skin than conventional waxing–and likewise than shaving or epilating–the spa also recommends that the skin is nourished and treated between hair removal appointments, whether a patron is using sugaring for the face or for the body.

As such, for the face, the spa has suggested new facials like their Perfect Illuminating Customized Facial. In this facial, patrons will enjoy cleansing, exfoliation, a restorative facial massage, a nourishing masque and a lifting treatment with healing micro-current technology.

And, for the sensitive bikini line region, Penelope and the Beauty Bar has their new The Perfect V Lotus treatment. This unique facial targets ingrown hairs and impurities in the bikini area, including hyperpigmentation, and the session includes a deep cleansing component, an exfoliation, extractions, and a gentle brightening treatment.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is now open seven days a week, meaning they have more availability to schedule repeat appointments for their expansive selection of sugaring hair removal options and cleansing facials.

A spokesperson for the beauty bar said, “Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers the most advanced skincare and body treatments available. Come and see us about our new treatments.”

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