Seattle Sugaring For Men | Hair Removal With Same-Day Appointments Launched

The newly announced treatment gives Seattle men a convenient hair removal option aestheticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar say is more effective than shaving, less painful than waxing, and a more budget-friendly alternative to laser hair removal.

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar is a luxury spa known to offer the most advanced skincare and body treatments available today. With their recent announcement, the spa introduces more men to an effective, near pain-free hair removal option women have sworn by for years. Sugaring is a natural hair removal treatment that lasts longer than shaving and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Up until recently, spa treatments were never really seen as an equal-opportunity regimen. Traditionally, men’s treatments didn’t extend beyond a hot towel draped across the face by the barber while women’s treatments were always the more venerated relaxation ritual performed by skilled aestheticians and customized for specific results.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is changing all that with world-class treatments available to men and women of any age.

Sugaring is a traditional hair removal method the beauticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar note is especially beneficial to men battling excessive unwanted hair growth.

The treatment uses a gel-like paste made of water, sugar and lemon juice that is tempered until it reaches a consistency appropriate for the client’s requested treatment and their level of skin sensitivity.

The paste is smoothed over the face or body in the direction the hair grows, left to dry, and then removed in the opposite direction, taking the entire length of the hair, dead skin cells, dirt and debris along with it.

Since the mixture adheres to the hairs and not the skin, it’s not as painful as waxing. By removing the entire hair from the follicle, it delays regrowth. The treatment is gentle, hypoallergenic, and suitable for every area of the face and body.

The beauticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar say the benefits sugaring offers men’s complexions far outlast those provided by a hot towel. Sugaring also far outweighs painful waxing to produce a sleeker, more defined chest and back.

With same-day appointments and long-lasting results, sugaring treatments at Penelope and the Beauty Bar give men a hair removal regimen destined to become their venerated relaxing hair removal ritual.

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