Seattle Men’s Dermaplaning Exfoliation With Same-Day Appointments Updated

To complement their day spa and med spa treatments, Penelope and the Beauty Bar now offers dermaplaning and exfoliating facials customized to give men’s thicker complexions a smoother and healthier appearance. Same-day appointments can be booked using the spa’s web-enabled app.

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Men with acne scars, pitting, oily T-zones or fine wrinkles can turn to dermaplaning for a more intense exfoliating facial that specifically targets problem skin. During the newly updated, non-invasive dermaplaning and exfoliating procedure, the experts at Penelope and the Beauty Bar gently scrape away the top layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells and reveal newer, fresher, undamaged skin.

While women have incorporated dermaplaning into their skincare routines for years, not as many men realize the treatment is also available to them. Even men with beards and mustaches can undergo a dermaplaning facial to reverse dull skin and resolve imperfections.

Penelope and the Bar beauticians use a specialized blade to slough off the top layer of the skin for an intense exfoliating treatment that is healthier and more effective than store-bought exfoliators and depilatory chemicals.

Once the skin has been scraped and smoothened, beauticians use specially selected hydrating and moisturizing skincare products that deeply penetrate the newly exposed skin, giving the complexion a fresh new start.

Men can choose between a 45-minute Express Dermaplaning Facial, and a 60-minute Radiance facial with skin-stimulating microcurrent technology that firms face and neck muscles. Both treatments can be enhanced with a 15-minute LED light therapy treatment which stimulates collagen production for more intense reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring.

Dermaplaning treatments at Penelope and the Beauty Bar are relaxing, gentle and painless. The treatment can be used in combination with other facial procedures for improved outcomes, since any accumulation of dead skin cells, vellus hairs, and flaky skin have all been removed. The treatment can be repeated every three to four weeks to maintain a smooth, healthy complexion.

A recent client says, “Really appreciate the atmosphere and the effect it has on my wellbeing. The front desk staff is always efficient and professional, and the selection of products and treatments are incomparable anywhere else in the city.”

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