Seattle Gua Sha Cleansing Facial For Women With Raw Active Ingredients Launched

The world-class med spa’s highly trained beauticians are experienced in the restorative and rejuvenating art of Gua Sha, and have now integrated it into the beauty bar’s extensive range of cleansing facials. In addition to this transformative beauty tool, all spa-goers at Penelope and the Beauty Bar will appreciate that their treatments make use of powerful selective branded products with raw active ingredients.

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The spa’s new integration of Gua Sha therapies and their choice to strictly use potent organic and natural skincare products reflects the rising popularity of natural skincare in Seattle. On Vogue’s best skin-care products of 2022 their beauty editors resoundingly selected products that use naturally derived active ingredients and are rich in chemically active components like retinol, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, including from top brands like Biologique Recherche, MBR and Forlle’d, which the spa also uses.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar believes that the secret to youthful-looking, bright, firm and plump skin is simply that it is healthy, which is why their facial treatments integrate raw active ingredients that promote long-term health and vitality.

The med spa also believes that one of the most essential building blocks of healthy skin is regular deep cleansing.

As such, for spa-goers who are looking for a restorative deep clean, Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends their new Perfect Illuminating Customized Facial. This intensive treatment combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a relaxing facial massage to stimulate a healthier blood flow and the production of fresh collagen. The facial then integrates a nourishing active masque, a micro current facial toning session, an anti-aging eye treatment and, finally, a focused lifting massage.

For those clients who want to take advantage of 2022’s biggest beauty trend, Gua Sha, the beauty bar recommends their new Signature Gua Sha facial as another must-try luxury treatment. This traditional Chinese medicine tool has long been used to scrape inflammation from the body and is now acclaimed for its ability to gently promote lymphatic drainage, relax fine lines and plump and lift the skin of the face.

Whichever cleansing facial best suits a client’s needs, Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s expert beauticians will further customize their treatment plan and select the most fitting active products to ensure a truly restorative experience.

A spokesperson for the beauty bar said, “Penelope is your full-service luxury day spa located in Downtown Seattle. Our treatments are personalized to meet your needs. We offer complimentary skincare consultations to our guests.”

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